JHB Hunt Review 5 June 2011

Brrrrrr! It’s getting colder and darker! But the beagles don’t seem to care!!

Baxter was wearing his winter woolies to keep him cosy

We had a couple of new beagles join us…



Ooooh, and you may remember reading about Bruce who needed a forever home…? Well… good news is that he has found one! Here he is with his new mom and dad, and his sister, Roxy! Hooray! We hope you are all very happy and it was great to meet you at the hunt – hope to see you again!

Maddox & Maya:


Aimee & Nelson with their family (minus mom):

Harry & Oscar:

Poppadom & Roti (or rather, Rotadom) who recently celebrated their seventh birthday!! Happy birthday Boys!!

Here are some action shots… can you recognize any of the beagles?


The beagles are really doing well! Beagles from 2010 are getting better and becoming more consistent… and new beagles from the 2011 season are also doing brilliantly! Well done to everyone!! A special mention to Bernie… whose mom thought he had no career in hunting… Bernie finishe THREE of the five lines on Sunday! That’ll show you mom! Well done Bernie – keep it up!


After the hunt, we settled down and were treated by a delicious breakfast of vetkoek! With savoury mince or chicken filling. And cheese and jam too! Yum!! Thank you so much Trevor and Dilene, the food was delicious as usual! Totally made up for waking up so early in the cold! 😀



Just some additional points to note:

  1. Our next hunt is in THREE weeks, not two weeks, due to the public holiday and possible long weekend in June. To make up for this, we are hunting for two CONSECUTIVE weeks when we are back. I.e. the next hunt is on 26 June, and then again the Sunday after that – 3 July. All the dates are on http://www.beagles.co.za/2011/03/08/2011-dates-and-event-calendar/ and there is a quick countdown with the dates on the main page at http://www.beagles.co.za/ … please take not of the dates! We don’t want you to wake up early unnecessarily!


  1. With regards to bibs: New people may borrow bibs from the club for their first THREE hunts only – this is to give new people a fair chance to experience the hunts and decide whether it is something they would like to participate in, before having to have a number issued and a bib made… after the 3 hunts we request that you arrange your own bibs with your beagle’s number (issued by me, pls mail me!) clearly marked on both sides of the bib. Please ensure the numbers are easy to see – the dogs come into the finish line quickly, and the score keepers need to see the numbers at a glance to note who came in where. The hunting bibs can be ordered online at http://beagles.co.za/beagleshop/ or you can mail me. Or, please feel free to make your own. As long as the bib does not restrict your dog’s movement and has clearly marked numbers.  If you know you have been to 3 or more hunts, and are going to continue coming, please drop me a mail (info (at) beagles.co.za) about having a number issued.


  1. Starting time is 7am SHARP! We have been starting later and later… please make sure you are there BEFORE 7am! We need to set off at 7am.


  1. As soon as you arrive, please go to Jane or Dana and let them know which beagles are at the hunt so they can tick them off. Even if your beagle is not a runner, the number of dogs in attendance is important for the scoring. Please don’t assume that Jane or Dana will recognise your beagles if you haven’t come to tick their names off. There are a lot of people and dogs and we all need to do our little bit to make the admin run as quickly and smoothly as possible


Until next time,

Happy Beagling!


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