2 Beagles @ Cape Town SPCA

These 2 beagles have been in the kennel now for more than 3 weeks.

The owners could not afford to keep them …. the rest is history.

They are both very friendly, happy with children … dont seem to have any problems with other dogs there, but they do not like cats.

They are both very overweight! especially the male.

The male is about 3 years old, and the female is about a year or so.

Please contact Anne at the SPCA direct.

adoptions (AT) spca-ct.co.za

Tel: 021 7004179

3 Responses to “ 2 Beagles @ Cape Town SPCA ”

  1. Paul says:

    I cannot believe that people can be so irresponsible and just turn around and say they can’t keep the pets anymore – those type of people deserve to be fined.

    I have two of my own at the moment, so would not be able to take another two, but I have put the link on facebook and twitter, and I have spoken to some of my friends who might be interested.

    Would it be possible to be kept informed on whether they have found a home yet?

  2. Tertius says:

    It is absolutely very SAD. Raher get in touch with fellow owners and aske for help rather than DUMP the dogs at the one place no dog needs to go, espesially if it is registered breeds. VERY VERY SAD.

  3. Annaret says:

    I will rather not say what I’d do to those people, fine will be a gross understatment! HeartBREAKING! Will distribute far & wide, and if I didn’t have 5 dogs already, I’d take them in a heart beat. 🙁 So sad…

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