2011 JHB Beagle prizes

Hi Guys,

The end of the season is drawing near, which means prizes and prize giving is just around the corner!


For those of you who have joined in 2011 – we have a Beagle Ball and prize giving ceremony at the end of the year – this year it is set for Saturday 15 October at Monte Casino (more details to follow closer to the time). It is a lovely dinner, we all wash the dirt and beagle fur from our clothes and get dressed up to the nines to spend a fun evening honouring our hounds! (see our site for the last 2 events: 2009 and 2010 )


There are various prizes, certificates, rosettes and trophies handed out!

This year, we are introducing two new trophies, and we need YOUR HELP to make them successful:


1 – Prêt-à-Porter Trophy (Which is being sponsored by Trevor & Dilene – THANK YOU!) – will be awarded to the beagle with the most creative bib! There will be a vote to determine the winner vote (if your family has one beagle, you get one vote, if you have 3 beagles, you get 3 votes etc).. There are a few guidelines to stick to:

• The couture has to stick with in the guidelines of the current bib

• The material used should not restrict, chafe or cause any discomfort to the beagle in any way.

• Owner must make sure that in case the bib gets hooked onto a rock, bush or tree that the beagle will be able to free itself

• The number has be to displayed visibly and easy to read

• The emphasis of this trophy is on the bib and no accessories like sunglasses, p-caps, collars, bandannas etc

• Each registered beagle has one vote


2 – Owners Beagle of the Year Trophy – we need someone to sponsor this trophy please. If you would like to sponsor this (or any other prizes!) please drop me a mail!

The “Owners Beagle of the Year” trophy is going to be awarded according to votes… each beagle in the club is going to get a vote (ie if your family has one beagle, you get one vote, if you have 3 beagles, you get 3 votes etc). The beagle is going to vote for another beagle who they think has performed the best and has been the most consistent throughout the season. The point is not to vote for who you think has won the season, but who embodies the spirit of the hunt the best. If you have a better suggestion for the name of this prize/trophy, please put forward our suggestions too!



We also need a sponsor for the Reserve Dog trophy (please email me if you would like to sponsor this!)

The Reserve Bitch trophy is being sponsored by Robert & Karen this year – THANK YOU!

If you would like to sponsor any other prizes, please feel free to drop me an email with details. We do need to get all the prizes and trophies sorted out soon, as the Beagle Ball is less than 3 months away… so if you would like to contribute to any of the above mentioned items, please could you get back to me by the middle of next week – ie Wednesday 27th July 2011 – so we can start getting everything together for the ball.

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