JHB Hunt review – 31 July 2011

After a rather cold week in Gauteng, Sunday dawned clear and sunny!

Once again we welcomed some new first-time hunters to the pack!


Here is a video of Oscar (and Matilda behind him) voicing his displeasure at having to wait so long for the first line to be laid… now, imagine this, times 30 or 40 beagles and you will understand the noise level!

Olive got a beautiful new bib – isn;t it sweet!?

Lucy and Benjamin were up from their farm on the South Coast of KZN – dedicated hey!

Roger had a good morning, with a few first places under his belt!

Penny is STILL trying to grow into her ears! :p

Beagle brothers Harry and Oscar were their usual vocal selves

Pippen took a rest on her sister Rebel’s head!

Chef Trevor took it easy and had all the beagles climb all over him

All the people watching the hounds up on the mountain

Penny and Baxter having a sniff around for something interesting

Oh, and poor Fonzi hurt his dew claw on the second last line 🙁 He was looking very very very sorry for himself with his bloody paw… but as soon as all the beagles lined up for the final line, Fonzi went wild and insisted on running with the the pack – and he came in!! His dad took him past the vet yesterday and they removed the claw and gave him some meds, and he is apparently all good and not too phased about it – which is great news! 🙂

And two videos of the beagles at the start!
This is the 3rd line… a few beagles managed to head off before the horn blew!

and the 4th line…

Thanks to all who attended 🙂

Remember next hunt is a breakfast! Pancake time! Keep an eye out for the reminder mail and be sure to let me know how many people to cater for! Hope to see you all there!

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