JHB Hunt review 14 Aug & breakfast!

Even though our season is very nearly over, we are still getting new beagles join us every week!

This week we welcomed Jack & Chelsea Jack finished 2 of the lines and even came in first on one of them – great job!



We also welcomed Tigger to his first hunt – hope to see him back again!


Some other photos from the morning:

Dexter & Maya


Charlie must have had a late night… *yawn*


Bernie was also rather exhausted – and had a catnap sitting up :p


Fonzi was sporting a fancy new bib this week


Gina & Ronnie relaxing with Marmalade between lines:



Jamie & Jemma taking a moment to focus before the next line


All the girl beagles waiting for the next line: Bella, Pippen, Rebel, Purdy


Snoopy & Penny waiting to hunt like the machines they are :p

And then, the actual lines…:

Lining up:

The release:

And the race is ON!


Some photos from the finish line:


Seems like Bernie‘s catnap worked! Look at him go… the taste of pilchards luring him on!


Fonzi‘s new bib is streamlined!


And Harry finished a line without the help of his little brother!



After the hunt, the beagles all got a taste of the pilchards, which they always enjoy!

And then WE were all treated to a delicious pancake breakfast! Thank to to our chefs once again for a delicious meal!

There was a chicken and mushroom filling, and a mince filling… as well as sugar and cinnamon for those who needed something sweet

The verdict on the pancakes…:


Thanks to all for a great morning with the hounds! And thanks to Carmel and Carolyn for the photos!! 🙂


REMEMBER: if you would like to come to the ball, Jane needs payment asap! Please email me or her if you need her bank details (R200 per person).


Until next time (28 August),

– Happy Beagling!





















































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