JHB Hunt review 28 Aug 2011

Some pictures from the very very cold hunt this past Sunday…


pretty AIMEE


and her brother NELSON



CALLIE was wrapped up warm in her winter woolies






PIPPEN looks like she had a rough night the night before!


12 year old REBEL is still trying to understand why her mommy won’t allow her to run ALL the lines anymore




ZOE-C getting cuddles between lines



and another ZOE getting cuddles! (it was a good day for Zoe’s :p)



there was some playing inbetween lines too!


and some pictures from the finish line…


BERNIE licking his lips (again!)





and MAYA



REBEL coming in to the finish


and she if off in search of mom πŸ™‚


POPPADOM and ROTI coming in to the finish…




Thanks to all involved for a successful hunt πŸ™‚

There is only ONE MORE OPEN HUNT on 11 September, and them the Top Ten Challenge is on the 25th September – which is open to all spectators, BUT non competing beagles MUST be kept on lead while to Top Ten are competing! We will be having a full celebratory breakfast after the Top Ten though, so it is definitely worth coming along to support!































































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