JHB Hunt review – 11 Sept

Our last open hunt for 2011 in Gauteng!

We had a huge amount of people considering the rugby game that was on at 10:20am! The hunt was the usual 40-odd beagles! With some new faces again!!

Our huntmaster really worked hard at laying the lines in absolute record time, and the beagles co-operated by running fast, and not disappearing into the mountains for their own run around… which meant we were finished the hunt by 10am and I think most of us were home, and cheering for the Bokke by 10:30!

Some photos from the morning:


Benjamin walking all over his sister Lucy:


A new beagle Benji brought along his whole family to support him at his first hunt. Hope to see them at some Walkhaven social days in summer, and back at the hunts next winter!


Billy managed to hurt himself on a rock or a thornbush, but he didn’t seem too phased about it, and our resident vet gave him the thumbs up… so we wish him a speedy recovery 🙂


Cooper came along to his first hunt, and brought his ADORABLE bably sister Lulu along to support him, and play with some new friends… we hope to see them at walkhaven and next year’s hunts too!


Matilda was there, pretty in pink


Roger, Nikki and Zoe all looked rather exhausted after the very hot morning of running around


All of us lining up with our noisy beagles waiting for the release

aaaaand they’re off!!


and of course, the smelly pilchards afterwards!


Thank you to everyone for a fabulous morning out in the sun with our hounds…

Sunday 25th Sept is the TOP TEN!! Stay tuned to see who made the challenge this year! The top ten is open to spectators, but non-competing dogs MUST BE KEPT ON LEAD UNTIL THE TOP TEN BEAGLES HAVE COMPLETED THE CHALLENGE!!!!  it is a great event to come and watch, and support, plus, we will be having a big celebratory brunch afterwards to end the season, and celebrate our beautiful beagles. It has been a great season! I will send out an email about Top Ten breakfast, as we need RSVP’s for catering – so watch your email and let me know if you are coming!


Until then,

Happy Beagling!


































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