Congratulations to the TOP TEN of 2011

The much anticipated results are out!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following beagles for making the Top Ten of 2011!:

(In Alphabetical order)


BlakeBeagle Info:
Date of Birth: 5 July 2009
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Jenna Long
FonziBeagle Info:
Date of Birth: 27 February 2010
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Nic Kocher
JamieBeagle Info:
Date of Birth: 11 January 2009
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Michelle Alexander
MarmaladeBeagle Info:
Date of Birth: 15 March 2008
Sex: Female
Owned by:
Shaw McMahon
MayaBeagle Info:
Name: MAYA
Date of Birth: 27 March 2008
Sex: Female
Owned by:
Roelf Kotzenberg
OscarBeagle Info:
Date of Birth: 19 December 2007
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Peter van Staden & Tanya de Ville
PoppadomBeagle Info:
Date of Birth: 1 June 2004
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Trevor & Dilene Boyd
RogerBeagle Info:
Name:Beagle Info:
Date of Birth: 10 October 2004
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Raymond Antoncich
RotiBeagle Info:
Name: ROTI
Date of Birth: 1 June 2004
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Trevor & Dilene Boyd
ZoeBeagle Info:
Name: ZOE (C)
Date of Birth: 4 April 2010
Sex: Female
Owned by:
Carolyn Chelchinskey & Ulrich Bester
Top 10 Beagles in 2011


HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the Top Ten!! And a special congrats to JAMIE for his first appearance in the Top Ten as well as to MARMALADE… and and even bigger round of applause to ZOE C for making Top Ten as this is her first season she has attended. And another HUGE congrats to FONZI for making Top Ten in his first season! Excellent job beagles!


3 out of the ten are females.

3 of the beagles were born in 2004 – Poppadom, Roger, Roti

1 beagle was born in 2007 – Oscar

2 beagles born in 2008 – Marmalade and Maya

2 beagles born in 2009 – Blake and Jamie

2 beagles born in 2010 – Fonzi and Zoe C (which makes them just over 1 year old at the beginning of our season… this also means they are both still classified as “puppies” ie younger than 18 months at the BEGINNING of the season)

Of the ten beagles, only Poppadom and Roti are from the same family. Blake, Fonzi and Maya don’t have any beagle siblings, while Jamie, Oscar, Roger and Zoe C all have beagle brothers and/or sisters who come along to the hunts. Marmalade has a beagle sister who has retired from the hunts.

Blake, Maya, Oscar, Poppadom, Roger and Roti have all made Top Ten before, but only Roger has ever completed the long distance Top Ten Challenge!


The Top Ten will be on Sunday 25 September 2011 at 7am… Beagle spectators are welcome to come and watch and support, but must be kept on lead while the top ten dogs are competing. there will be a celebratory breakfast afterwards, so be sure to RSVP to that!


Once again, congrats to the above hounds! The rest of the scores and results will be announced at the beagle ball on Saturday 15 October and will be on the website in the week that follows the ball.


thanks again to all for an absolutely fabulous 2011 season!



8 Responses to “ Congratulations to the TOP TEN of 2011 ”

  1. Karen says:

    Congratulations everyone! It is so excellent to see all the new dogs in the top 10! Looking forward to seeing who wins the race

  2. Raymond & Debbie says:

    Congratulations to the Top Ten qualifiers for 2011.

  3. Tanya says:

    Congrats to all the beagles! Especially the new ones!

    Am very proud of my monster hound, oscar for making it third year in a row!! I am hoping he can finish the line this year!

    My money is on Roger.

    congrats guys 🙂

  4. peter says:

    Oscar for TOP 10 winner.
    The rest of you just deal with it
    Peace out

  5. Bruce says:

    Congratulations to all the beagles. Wonderful to see new competition for Rotadom 🙂 I think Lucy should get an honorable (11th) place in the line up to show these newbies where to go…

  6. Hester says:

    Well done to all of you. Don’t worry our two (Gina and Ronnie) are not a threat (yet).. he he. All the very best to all of you. Extra wish to Marmalade (our adopted release-dog)

  7. Jane Hyslop says:

    Hi All, Just back from my trip and excited to see the results. Although I am sure that Carmel got it wrong. Where was Pippin!!! hehe…. Oh I suppose she can not continue to work the back of the lines and get into the Top Ten, Bohoo. It always pleases me to see the new people coming through and hope that this year we can get a few more than 2 to finish the top ten line and that we continue to see the beagles at the hunts next year. It makes the early morning starts worth it all to see so many new beagle that have started this year and already find themselves placed. Hope we get lots of supporters to come thorugh to the view the final hunt next weekend. See you all then.

  8. Nic says:

    Goodluck to The Fonz….

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