First KZN Hunt!

Thanks to everyone for a very successful first KZN Beagle Hunt on Saturday at Hillhouse. We were really impressed with how well the pack got on together. They quickly learned what to do and ran their little hearts out.

This was largely due to Shaw’s great leadership and the very enthusiastic Marmalade and experienced Chelsea [who went down to KZN from JHB to show the DBN beagles what scent hunting is all about!]
Thanks again Shaw for coming down to get us started and we hope you will join us again for future hunts.

We are sure your Beagles are enjoying a well earned day of rest today. Frankie hasn’t moved off the couch for several hours!

Your enthusiasm will almost certainly ensure that the KZN hunt will flourish!

The little pack looks solid, they could lose a few pounds though!  🙂    Stick to the basics, never stray from the basic rules, and you will have fun.  That’s the main thing.




Well done guys, looks like lots of fun, and the beagles look like they had a blast!!









5 Responses to “ First KZN Hunt! ”

  1. Karen says:

    Looks like everyone had so much fun. Sorry we couldnt join you this time … see you next time

  2. Hester says:

    Good one guys. The dogs love this. Gets them to do what comes naturally…sniff and run !!

  3. natalie says:

    Please let me know when the next KZN hunt happens as I know my beagle would love it!

  4. Madri says:

    Can I please get more information regarding the hunts? We would love to come and join the action with our 2 beagles.

  5. Peter says:

    Looks like fun and a great success
    well done shaw.

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