Top Ten – JHB 2011

Yesterday was the Top Ten Challenge of Gauteng… the 10 beagles with the highest scores over 2011, who competed were:

Blake, Fonzi, Jamie, Marmalade, Maya, Oscar, Poppadom, Roger, Roti and Zoe C….


Gavin set off on the quad bike, dragging the lure behind him to lay the scent on the extra long top ten trail

They all lined up and were ready to go nice and early

And they were off!!

Look at them go!

We eagerly watched them make their way across the terrain, and up the mountain… one by one, most of the beagles slowly started coming off the track and returning to us at the cars. Our normal lines are just under one kilometre, and the top ten line is close to 4 or 5km… and the beagles are not used to this long distance – so it really is a test of their tracking skills as well as fitness and concentration (ie not getting distracted by other things).

It was rather disappointing to see them slowly coming back one by one… we waited, and Marmalade was the only one who hadn’t returned…  Then we saw a little beagle in a yellow bib heading towards the finish line… nose down, tongue out, and the biggest smile on her little beagle face!! MARMALADE completed the Top Ten 2011 all by herself! This was the first time she has made Top Ten (just just missing it last year!).

Crossing the finish line!

Huge celebrations and hugs for the clever girl! Her dad was exceptionally proud of his girl!

Once the top ten had had a drink and the non competing beagles had been let off lead to socialise, it was time for a celebratory champagne breakfast!

Bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, fried onions, cherry tomatoes, croissants with cheese & jam, champagne and orange juice! It was delicious!!

The beagles begged from everyone they could!

and were rewarded in the end, and allowed to lick the skottel!

and leftovers on the ground


It was an awesome morning out in the mountains with our special hounds!

It’s been a wonderful season too, with over 125 beagles coming to the hunts – some only came once or twice though!

Once again, huge congrats to the Top Ten of 2011!

From left to right:

Maya, Blake, Jamie, Fonzi, Marmalade, Roger, Oscar, Zoe C, Poppadom, Roti

















































3 Responses to “ Top Ten – JHB 2011 ”

  1. Carmel says:

    Congratulations to all Top 10 participants and especially Marmalade – what a little star. Thanks to the chefs for yet another scrumptious breakfast in the veld and to everyone who helped ( even in the smallest way ) make this season such a success. It has been great. See you all at the Beagle Ball 🙂

  2. Carolyn says:

    This was our first season and I loved it almost as much as my dogs did. It was great to see the dogs do what they were made for and it was good to meet some cool new people. Thanks to everyone that organise the hunts for giving us the opportunity to be able to have a fun winter

  3. Jane Hyslop says:

    Well done to Marmalade. Heres to girl power once again this year! It always feels like we have only just begun the season & it is all over. It has been a great year with so many new beagles on the line. So nice to see people so keen to bring there dogs for this fun outing. Look forward to seeing you all next year.

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