JHB Beagle Ball – 15 Oct 2011

We had our beagle ball and prize giving this past weekend!

The functions was held at Billy G’s in Montecasino in Fourways. We had the upstairs function room all to ourselves, and popped downstairs to the buffet for starters, mains and dessert. The food was delicious, but the focus was on our hounds!


The room was set up beautifully! Each table setting had a beagle placemat – donated by Bruce, as well as a specially made napkin – made by Carmel (and ironed by Gavin!!)


(click on any image to enlarge it!)

The table with the prizes was so full of all sorts of exciting goodies!

Rosettes and trophies… and bags of dog food!

home made doggy biscuits… and doggy soap – a pack for everyone to take home to their hounds!


A goodie bag for everyone at the ball, along with TONS of other spot prizes and special prizes!


The beagle ball is a very formal event and we sometimes struggle to recognise our beagle-friends in their smart clothes, as we so often see them in dirty jeans, caps, and covered in muddy beagle paw prints… so the ball is a fun evening with everyone looking their best!

As the evening was about to get underway, we all took our places, and the side door opened and our MC for the evening, Poppadom & Roti’s dad, stepped out and blew his vuvuzela!!! He was dressed in his hunting clothes, and his shirt even had muddy beagle paws all over it!! It was too funny!! He obviously didn’t get the memo about the dress code! Trevor continued to entertain us with his funny stories and jokes, before handing out some prizes.

Between courses and prizes we snapped some pics of the crowd in their formal wear!

Zoe-C and Bernie’s mom and dad – they were very proud of their little Zoe for doing so well at her first season… and proud of Bernie too!! :p


Poppadom & Roti’s mom


Bella and Purdy’s mom


Horatio and Calleigh’s proud parents


Fonzi’s mom and dad were there


Harry & Oscar’s newly-wed mom and dad! Harry & Oscar are very happy to finally be “legal beagles!!”


Roger, Nicky & Zoe’s mom and dad … special thank you to Debbie for the AMAZING LOAD of prizes she sourced! Another post to follow with a special thank you to the sponsors!



Certificates were handed out to all the beagles whose parents were at the ball. Each beagle got a pack with biscuits and soap. And each person got a fabulous goodie bag with all sorts of fun things… from Nimue skin products, hot chocolate, pens etc etc! What fun!

When it time to announce the placings of the Top Ten beagles and their positions in the season, Snoopy and Penny’s mom took centre stage and went through the top ten…:

10th – Marmalade – 3466 points

9th – Blake – 3490 points

8th – Zoe-C – 3511 points

7th – Fonzi – 3635 points

6th – Jamie – 3789 points

5th – Oscar – 3988 points

4th – Roti – 4400 points


and then, the three most exciting scores….. I think everyone at the ball knew it would be between Maya, Poppadom and Roger…………


and the results are…………


3rd – Maya – 5858 points

2nd – Poppadom – 5991 points


1st Place  2011 – ROGER with 6067 points!!!! WELL DONE!


Roger won some awesome prizes, which he posed with after the ball!


Full results to follow later this week!


Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this beagle ball the success it was!!

Jane, Trevor, Dilene – for organising the venue and all the other admin that went into the evening

Carmel & Gavin for the napkins

Bruce for the placemats

Peter for the music & slideshow

Debbie and Raymond for the awesome prizes

Carolyn & Ulrich and Karen & Robert and Humphrey for the new trophies

Tanya for all the design of placemats, napkins etc

and to those who may have slipped my mind… you know who you are, and we are all so grateful for the club and for everyone who contributes to it in any way at all!!


we look forward to next season – but until then,… Walkhaven once a month!

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  1. Roelf Kotzenberg says:

    Many thanks to all those who organised the various activities and contributed to the success of the Club. All of us, and especially our hounds are privileged to take part. Congratulations to all those who won prizes and especially to those who participated, irrespective of results. Merry Xmas and a prosperous New year. Roelf, Rita, Maya & Nika.

  2. Anette van Veenhuyzen says:

    First of all I would like to give you a little feedback on the male and winner of the 2011 Beagle field trials.It started a few years ago even before Gerca Roger was born I have been bugging Rogers breeder Carien Buitendach of the Gerca kennels to sell me a male and a female puppy for the University but decided to keep them for a dream I had to breed Beagles outside the Studvet Line although I had to leave Roger behind he did me proud I new by choosing him would make me proud and his breader as well.Gerca kennels do not breed beagles anymore and I just wanted to say Karien you did well.If all works out well I would like to be re-united with my Beagles soon.

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