Walkhaven Photos – Sun 27 Nov 2011

The beagle descended on Walkhaven this past Sunday… there were LOADS of beagles, and lots of new faces!

Unfortunately my camera battery only lasted the fist hour or so 🙁


It was a lovely afternoon out watching them all explore walkhaven, and the new dam section that has been built.


(click on any pics to enlarge)



Roger didn’t like the idea of getting his feet wet and muddy :p



Snoopy, surprised us all by running through the mud!



as usual there was lots of swimming and tennis ball chasing in the dam



Oscar demonstrated how to LAUNCH off the bank into the water








Horatio was there, with his leg in a bandage… he hurt his leg jumping off the bed! He didn;t seem worried about his bandage at all, although his mom and dad tried their best to keep him out the mud and water!




Harry met a new friend…







Thanks to all who came along! Our next Walkhaven Beagle social is on Sunday 11 December – from about 2pm… if you would like to bring along something to donate to Animals in Distress, please bring your donation along (dog or cat food – wet or dry, blankets, leads, collars, newspapers, old towels (anything machine washable) etc) I will put together a donation parcel from The Beagle Club and drop it off in the week after the social.


Hope to see you all there!

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