Join us at Walkhaven on Sunday Afternoon

The Beagles are meeting at Walkhaven on Sunday 11 December from about 2pm…

Walkhaven is a dog friendly park, so if you have non-beagle members in your family, they are most welcome to join us!

See for more details and directions.



  • Your Dogs
  • Collar and lead (optional J )
  • Money for entrance fee and drinks or snacks from the restaurant
  • Towel to clean off your beagles after they have run and rolled in the black mud!!


Hope to see you all Sunday afternoon!

If you would like to bring a donation for Animals in Distress, I will be dropping off all donations from the Beagle Club next week. (dog or cat food – wet or dry, blankets, leads, collars, newspapers, old towels (anything machine washable) etc)


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