18 March – Orientation Day for new beagles!

We have decided to have an “Orientation Day” for new beagles of 2012!

This will be held at our Hunt Venue at the usual time of a hunt.

So, please diarise: Sunday 18 March 2012 at 7am.

The purpose of this day is to introduce new people and their beagles to the club and the existing people and beagles. We will take a walk around the venue, let the new beagles get a feel for the area, and this will give the new people a chance to talk to existing members of the club about what to expect at a hunt, particularly their first hunt.

We will go through the rules of the hunt, and how the morning takes place when we hunt.

If you are planning on joining in in 2012, PLEASE make a plan to come along to this morning, it will be very helpful and valuable to you and your beagles.

Remember, we also need to “oldies” to come along and help out with the new people, so bring your beagles for a pre-season run around. This will not be a hunt, but it will be at the hunting venue.

You can rsvp to this event HERE



– Beagle/s (please note the hunts are beagle-only events, please leave your other dogs at home)

– Comfortable walking shoes

– Sunscreen

– A backpack with water for you and your beagle/s (remember the waterbowl!)

– A bite to eat and a chair – we’ll have a bit of a social chat afterwards for anyone who wants to hang around



We are looking forward to a great season in 2012!


Hope to see you ALL there on the 18th of March!

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  4. Antoinette says:

    I am new to the Beagle hunt events and have booked for the 18th, will there be a breakfast on that day and if so how do I book for the breakfast.

    Thank you

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