Some changes and/or info for existing members and new members to the GAUTENG CLUB…


we had a meeting to discuss the 2012 season – please take note of the items below:


1.       Bibs/Numbers

The club does have bibs to lend out to new people.

Numbers – if you have a number from last year, please continue to use the same number. New beagles will be issued new numbers, but only after they have attended at least two hunts – we cannot issue numbers to new beagles who have never attended a hunt, as we end up into the hundreds, and not all these beagles come to the hunts.

Bibs – if you have a number, you need to have a bib. Bibs can be purchased via the BeagleShop, at R100 each (excl postage). You may also make your own bibs, but please make sure they do not restrict your dog’s movement in anyway, and that their numbers are CLEARLY marked on BOTH SIDES of the bib. The clearer the number, the easier it is for the scorers to see your hound when they come in to the finish line.

2.       Hunt dates

Find the dates on you can rsvp via the website too.

We have set dates for our breakfasts throughout the season too.

We have decided to ADD an orientation day which is especially geared at NEW PEOPLE, but we need the regulars there too! The orientation day will be at 7am on Sunday 18 March at our regular hunting spot. The purpose of this day, is to introduce the new people and new beagles to the venue and let the beagles have a walk and sniff around. There will be lots of regulars there to talk to the new people and answer questions. We will go through the rules of the hunt (BUT PLEASE READ THEM HERE TOO) and what you can expect on your first hunt. If you plan on coming along in 2012 and joining the group, this orientation day will be very valuable, so please make a plan to bring your beagle/s along!

3.       Fees

Annual fee is R200 per family. Payable in cash on the first hunt… OR if you would like to come and see what it is about before committing to the club and paying the fee, you may pay once off R30 per day that you attend.

4.       Breakfasts

These are great fun! We are treated to a delicious hot breakfast by our chefs (yes, they are real life professional chefs!) We have had vetkoek, bunny chow, pancakes etc… every meal is an absolute treat!

The price is R35 per person, payable in cash, on the morning of the breakfasts. You need to bring your own chairs and drinks, but we supply food, plates, cutlery, serviettes, etc.

The breakfasts are a great way to socialise with everyone else, and let your beagles have a bit of a social too! More often than not, the beagles get a fair amount of scraps too (at no extra cost!)

Make a note of these dates and stay for a treat after the hunt!

1 April, 6 May, 3 June, 15 July, 2 September & Top Ten.

5.       Raffle

Last year we had quite a few raffles of great prizes to raise some money for the club.

At this stage, we do not have any raffles planned for 2012, but if you have something that you would like to donate to the club to raffle off, please approach one of the organisers during the season and we will make a plan.

6.        Hunt Ball

Provisional date set as 6 October. This is an awesome event where we all dress up at the end of the season and have an evening of good food, good company and a few laughs as we honour our wonderful beagle hounds and their achievements through the season. There are certificates for all who attend, trophies, rosettes, prizes and all sorts of great things!

Debbie did an outstanding job last year with sponsorship for prizes. If you are able to sponsor something at the ball, please get in touch with Debbie at a hunt – all sponsorships are very welcome and greatly appreciated!

Venue suggestions for the ball are to be given to Trevor & Dilene who will assist co-ordinations.


7.       Hunts & Rules

– We know it is quite daunting to come to your first hunt… so we are going to make a plan to “highlight” some people at the hunt who the new people will be able to spot, and go to for a chat etc (stay tuned for more info on this!) . We ask EVERY SINGLE person who has been to a beagle hunt before, to please help out the new people where they can… we want to make them feel welcome and comfortable.

– NEW: We are going to have a cut off for new beagles at the end of May so to allow the pack to settle for the rest of the season. The beagles hunt as a pack, and we have found that the continued “disruption” of new beagles in the pack every week is quite challenging for the pack. The same way that you wouldn’t join a sports club halfway through the season, as the team has already been formed. If this does not work we will relook at it next season.

– Please try and bring the exact amount of cash when you need to pay, finding change is often quite tricky (R200 annual fee, or R30 per day. R35 per person for breakfast) exact money.

– All beagles need to present a copy of their up to date vaccination certificate for our records.

– NB: When paying your annual fees, it would be a great help if you put it in a clearly marked envelope, along with a copy of your beagle/s up to date vaccination certificateIt would assist if the regulars/oldies could put money in an envelope together with new vaccination certificates & dog numbers so we are only.

– Doubles to be finalised by the end of May in conjunction with the cut off for new dogs.

– Remember to take a look at the rules HERE


8.       Website

Updates and event dates will continue to be posted online.

The site has been split up to include Cape Town and Natal too.

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