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*NOTE:* beagles are high maintenance dogs. They need constant attention and lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Training is essential for puppies! They are easily bored, and WILL bark and howl and disturb your neighbours. They WILL dig up your garden and chew your plants/shoes/kreepy-krawly/clothes/sprinkler system/everything they see ESPECIALLY if they are bored. PLEASE remember these factors when purchasing a puppy!! Beagles are pack animals and NEED to be part of your family. A beagle living outside, alone is a recipe for disaster.*

Please so some reading and research into the breed if you have not had a beagle before. Dog Breed Info has some valuable info as well as Wikipedia. You may find some interesting info on Burke’s Backyard too. **


Beagles details :

ARTUS  – birth : 01.07.2007 ( from a registered beagle breeder in Germany )


sterilized since  September 2011


with all recommended vaccinations



When we moved from Germany to South Africa/Cape Town in 2009 we brought our German Beagle with us  .  Because of the increased crime ( burglaries ) we bought a German Shepherd .


Now we´re  facing a huge problem with our beagle as a sterilized male dog and our German Shepherd  which is also a male . We feel so sorry for our beagle ARTUS which sometimes gets bitten by the Shepherd  which prevents to be the leader . We have to separate all the time the two dogs and this is not a good situation for all of us .


We would give our most lovely beagle to just fully correct and nice people ( maybe an older couple with lot of time , patience and love for the beagle ) .

ARTUS is lovely in attitude and a good watchdog . He needs lots of love and a good home with “ beagle proof garden “ .


We are very sad to do this step but it is best for ARTUS .


for more info

Andreas & Petra Fohler

Tel.:  021 790 3398

Cell : 071 4906538

pfohler.grandstone [AT] gmail.com




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  1. Hannalise van Zyl says:

    Hi- do you have any idea how Artus will react to a cat? We can take him-lives on a farm with lots of space- but the cat is KING in our house!!Would love to supply loving forever home to him

  2. Natalia says:

    Hi. How is the Artus?

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