Orientation on Sun 18 March – JHB!


Hi Guys!


The 2012 Hunting season is about to begin! I hope your beagles are fit and ready to go!


We are starting the season with an orientation morning – specifically to explain to the new beagles how the hunts work, and to get the “oldies” back into the swing of things.

Orientation will be an explanation to the new people on how the hunts work, what to expect, what the rules are etc. We will take a walk around the area where the beagles hunt, and then we will lay one line for all the beagles to run… so bring along your beagles’ bibs if they have bibs from last season (new people will be issued temporary bibs from the club to borrow for the run).

After the orientation, the club is supplying breakfast – BUT you need to rsvp by Wednesday for catering purposes… please email me back asap to let me know how many people are staying for breakfast. I have had loads of new people respond to breakfast, but hardly any “oldies” – come on guys, you know you don’t want to miss out! It is still light and warm in the mornings, and it will be worth it!



Sunday 18 March at 7am. That is starting time 7am SHARP! PLEASE be there at least 15 minutes earlier (ie 6:45am), to make sure everything is organised… especially new people, so we can go through the rules and procedure. We also need to hand out bibs to all the new beagles who will be borrowing them, and get registration forms and paperwork in order. We are going to be VERY strict with starting times this year – you will receive a penalty for being late. Being on time helps things run smoothly, and the sooner we start, the sooner we finish


NOTE: The grass is really very very long at the moment, we will let the bigger, higher cars go in first to try and flatten the grass and make a pathway for the others… if your family does have a choice of cars, it is suggested that you bring the one with the highest clearance… hunting is not the best time to test drive your low slung sports car!



Things to bring (new and old people):

  • Beagle/s (non-beagles are not permitted at our hunts unfortunately, so please leave them at home while we hunt)
  • Collar and Lead
  • Bibs with your allocated number clearly marked (if you do not have a bib, you may borrow from the club, or once you have a number assigned to you, you may order a bib from me [http://www.beagles.co.za/shop/   ], or make your own)
  • Backpack with waterbowl and water
  • Drinks for humans
  • Wear comfortable walking/hiking shoes and old clothes (we do get quite dirty)
  • A photocopy of your beagle/s UP TO DATE vaccination certificate/s
  • Chairs if you are staying to eat


** PLEASE make sure your beagle is treated against ticks and fleas! **



FEES for 2012: The cost of the season, is R200 per family. Or R30 per morning, per family. Please make sure you arrive early enough to pay your fees before we set out. This makes the admin so much easier on all of us.



Please familiarise yourself with the rules, online at http://www.beagles.co.za/rules/ (very important for the new people, and even if you have come to the hunts before, take 2 minutes to refresh your memories J )





Looking forward to seeing you there, for another season of hunting!

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