JHB – Hunt Review 15 April 2012

Yesterday we had over 50 beagles at the hunt… good to see the “new” dogs becoming more comfortable and starting to finish the lines… or at least run further than they did the previous weeks.

A special well done to Harley who finished his first line in FIRST PLACE! Well done boy! Now to keep it up! Harley was sporting his new Harley Davidson Bib for the first time yesterday


Also special mention to a new beagle Biff, who completed a couple of lines, and is doing really well!


Some photos of the lines the beagles ran…


You can spot the yellow caps of the “Hunt Marshalls” if you have any questions, you can ask one of them πŸ™‚



Can you spot your beagle in the pack?


Oscar up front, Calleigh, Horatio, Harry and Ralph just behind, and Tigger bouncing along after them!


Duke and Denver are back! Hopefully we’ll see more of them this season


We saw a lot more new bibs this weekend… which is your favourite:


we have Tigger sporting a bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! orange bib!


Fonzi also got a makeover and is now wearing a stylish red and yellow bib


Pippen seems to be getting in touch with her Scottish side and is wearing red tartan this season:


Blake was there rocking his silver spandex


Horatio and Calleigh were decked out in their CSI Crime Scene bibs!


Harry and Oscar in their striped bibs (Racing Stripes for Oscar and Slimming Stripes for Harry!!)


You might remember that we promised you a picture of Poppadom and Roti’s (or Rotadom!) new bumblebee bibs WITH their removable wings… well, here it is


And I think Penny received the MOST compliments on her new bib… isn’t she looking beautiful in her tutu! Such a princess! Her brother Snoopy also got a whole new outfit designed, and was proudly showing off his hoodie.

Even though she is a princess she was still playing with little Savannah


Thanks once again to all involved in making the morning run so smoothly!

remember, we are hunting AGAIN this Sunday, 22 April at 7am! See you then!

2 Responses to “ JHB – Hunt Review 15 April 2012 ”

  1. Tony says:

    Very cool pics of the bibs. Particularly love the tutu! πŸ˜€
    I really must make an effort to come and watch the dogs on the hunts, looks like great fun.

  2. Carmen Tietjena says:

    AAAAAhhhh! Thanks for Harley’s special mention. So proud of my boy.

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