JHB hunt review – 22 April 2012

The Gauteng Beagles gathered again for another hunt… It was a very wet and rainy night the night before, but luckily Sunday was clear and sunny!

We had over 50 beagles yet again… with a couple of new hounds joining us.

The beagles who joined us in 2012 are doing well, each hunt there are one or two more who finish a line! This is great guys, keep it up, and soon your beagles will be finishing all the lines!


Royce and Bentley  finished a few lines, as well as Bella T. Biff is doing very well too. Harley completed a couple of lines too. And Tigger bounced along and completed his first line ever. Horatio finished a couple of lines again, and encouraged his sister Calleigh to join him and the pack and complete her first lines too! Ralph also completed a line or two!


The veld had been burnt in places, which makes seeing the beagles SO much easier, but between all the soot and the rain the previous night, I think this was the DIRTIEST we have EVER been! everybody – beagles included – was filthy!


Horatio & Calleigh’s dad kept track of some interesting info at the hunts…:

Line 1 -> 650m … took the team laying the trail 10:45 mins to walk
Line 2 -> 820m … took the team laying the trail15:20 mins to walk. And it took the  dogs: 4:49 mins to run
Line 3 -> 1134m … took the team laying the trail 21:48 mins to walk. And it took the  dogs: 6:42 mins to run
Line 4 -> 1070m … took the team laying the trail 20:32 mins to walk.
Line 5 -> 1140m … took the team laying the trail 16:27 mins to walk.

Each line is different, some go up over the mountains, and others are flatter routes.


Some photos from the morning:

Calleigh & Horatio (see the dirty legs!)






Cute little Dexter came to support his older brother Snoopy, and see what the hunts are all about so he can join in when he is old enough


Jack and Chelsea were back to enjoy the hunts


Lilo and Snoopy were also back again for a hunt


Manson found a very comfy Bernie-shaped seat to rest on.


Purdy enjoyed spending the morning out with her dad


Matilda and Ralph (both in new bibs!) brought their “human sister” along to the hunt!


Here is the team who walks upfront laying the scent…. thanks guys!


The pack of beagles off on the scent… and Princess Penny running straight to the camera for a close-up!


Off they go…



We had 3 Snoopy’s at the hunt yesterday…

Snoopy (of Snoopy and Lilo) was pictured earlier in the post…

then we had Snoopy (of Snoopy and little Dexter)


and of course the ORIGINAL SNOOPY (Of Snoopy & Penny)


See how excited Tigger got when he sniffed the lure!


Well done to all the beagles! and once again HUGE THANK you to the team who makes these hunts possible, and so smoothly run! It is such a fun morning out!


Our next hunt is on 6 MAY at 7am… AND the good news is that it will be a breakfast afterwards! YAY! I had a little bird whisper in my ear something about a Mexican Burrito breakfast – scrambled egg, sausage/bacon/onion/tomato stew and salsa…. for R35 per person, you DON’T want to miss out!! PLEASE rsvp to me VIA EMAIL OR IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THE EVENT and let me know how many people to cater for. Please don’t just say “we’ll be there” … not everyone stays for food and I don’t always know how many people “we” is…. We do need to give our awesome chefs numbers to cater for, so please have your rsvp’s in BEFORE wed 2 May!

Also, if you are staying for breakfast, please remember your R35 per person (try and have the exact amount, as we don’t always have change) … and remember to bring your chairs (Gavin, this is a PERSONAL reminder to bring your wife a chair please! LOL) and something to drink… the club supplies the food, plates, serviettes, cutlery etc.


Looking forward to seeing you guys then!





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  1. Karen says:

    Looks like you guys had an another amazing hunt! Look frward top seeing you all again towards the end of May

  2. Peter says:

    Good ol Dirty Fun!

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