Western Cape Hunt update

Good morning all,



So the first run of the season went well with a great turn out.  Before we get to the scores, I must just address a few things.


  1. Other types of dogs at the run – ONLY BEAGLES are allowed on the beagle runs. NO OTHER TYPES OF DOGS.   We already have a large number of beagles on the runs and cannot accommodate any other type of dogs.  If you do bring other doggies with, you will not be able to run.


  1.  Payment after runs –  Of the 80 odd beagles at the run yesterday, only 68 paid.  Guys – this is a fun outing and we really don’t want to get funny about it.  This happened a lot last year as well.   Because of this, we have decided to do the payment thing slightly different.  There are 11 runs left of the season.  For those who want to attend any of the runs, you will all be required to pay R100 by the end of next week.  You will then be able to attend any run this season and not have to pay anything else.  You must still however RSVP for the run so that we can prepare enough sausage.  Should you only attend 1 run this season or a run is cancelled due to weather etc this R100 is no refundable.  I will circulate the banking details later this week.  Should you not pay your R100, you will not be able to run.


  1. Tag numbers – please can the owners of the following tag numbers please forward me your details.  35,  138 & 140.


Results of yesterdays run:


1st place – Basil 19 points

2nd place – Bona 10 points

3rd place –  Phoenix, Humphrey & Thai


Lastly – for those of you who haven’t replied to any mails this year.  This is your last chance.  Should we not hear any confirmations from you, you will be removed from the mailing list.


Thanks & regards


Christine (christine@qdp.co.za)


REMEMBER – All dates are on http://www.beagles.co.za/2012/04/19/wsetern-cape-hunts-2012/ but you still need to respond via email to Christine!

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  1. Leonardo says:

    Big thank you to all envoled with organizing the event. It was a fantastic experience and my beagle, Ronald, could not have has a better time.

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