3 June JHB Hunt & Beagle Birthday Bash!

We were out hunting yesterday… the morning started off really chilly until the sun came up over the mountains!

Our registration for new beagles joining our hunting pack is now CLOSED, which means, we are not accepting more new beagles into the hunts this season… the pack is now getting the chance to form a solid group without disruptions for new dogs. Our season started on 1 April, and there has been plenty of time for new dogs to join… this is the first time we are trying it, and we are grateful to everyone for their co-operation 🙂

Onto the actual hunt… SO many beagles who started hunting in 2012 are doing really well! The awards ceremony is going to be very interesting this year!


Toby and JessieS were proudly sporting their new numbers and bibs


The veld is obviously very dry, and it has also been burnt in some places, which means it is very dusty and we all get VERY dirty!

of course, beagles aren’t worried about dust and dirt, they run regardless!




Pretty girls Pippen and Penny watching the group off to lay the line


Little Bonnie was there watching the hunts n(and getting cuddles from everyone of course!)



Horatio and Calleigh waiting patiently with mom…


Dexter chilling with dad between lines


Duke and Denver waiting to be let loose!


Harley, Madison and Baxter – kitted out in their new blingy bibs!


Lilo, Stitch and Coco also decked out in their shiny new bibs!


Zoe and Bernie were absolutely exhausted… must be the new puppy in the house keeping them up at night!



After the hunt… we were treated to another breakfast – but it was a very very special breakfast… we were celebrating the 8th birthday of our chefs’ beagle brothers – Poppadom and Roti… or as we lovingly call them: “ROTADOM”… Rotadom’s mom and dad not only fed us delicious vetkoek and mince, but also treated us all to cupcakes (with Rotadom’s cute little faces plastered all over them!



AND the very BEST part…? Rotadom had their very own birthday cake, made of liver, and all sort of exciting things…! Before sharing it with all their beagle friends, there was a cake smash!


The most fun 2 beagles can have!!



How cool is their “8” cake!? Made with a liverbread recipe, and decorated with biscuits, and sprinkles and all sorts of delicious things! (well, delicious if you are a beagle!!)


Rotadom’s mommy cut up the cake and threw it into the air, for a shower of livercake for the beagles… WHAT A TREAT!!





Once ALL the food was eaten, ALL the crumbs hunted down and gobbled up, Penny helped to clean the pots


And the cleaning crew of Harry, Penny (AGAIN!) and Harley were brought in to do their beagle dishwashing act…



What an awesome morning out celebrating Rotadom’s birthday! Here’s to another 8 years, boys!!

Special thank you to Trevor and Dilene for the delicious spread, as usual, and for all the extra effort they made for the birthday celebrations!


Our next hunt is on Sunday 17 Hune 7am – see you guys then!


PS Also remember to diarise the HUNT BALL – SAT 13 October… and we are selling raffle tickets at R20 each, to win a one night’s stay for 2 people at Kloofsicht Lodge & Spa!


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