Gauteng Beagles joined a KZN Hunt 24 June

This past weekend, a few Gauteng beagles made their way down to KZN to join in the hunt there!

Poppadom, Roti (and new baby sister Saffron), and Pippen, and Harry & Oscar, and Snoopy & Penny (and JRT brother Koda) took a long weekend and went on holiday to meet the KZN Pack!

We were warmly welcomed by everyone and felt immediatley at home! The beagles were excited to meet new friends (well, except Poppadom wasn’t too excited to meet Gizmo!) and get cuddles from new people.


This was a very special hunt for one particular JHB beagle – but you need to stay tuned until the end of the post for that!!


KZN Hunts on a farm, and this is the view from the starting point at Lakehouse


All ready to head out


the hunt masters were soon on their way, and the Gauteng crowd taught the KZN crowd how to make a proper noise!

some pics of all the beagles:


From left to right:

Ember (KZN), Penny (JHB), Pippen (JHB), Poppadom (JHB), Snoopy (JHB) and Roti (JHB)



Harry (JHB), Ember (KZN), Penny (JHB), Pippen (JHB), Poppadom (JHB), Snoopy (JHB), Roti (JHB), Madi the Spaniel (KZN) Peaches (KZN) Frankie (KZN) Gizmo (KZN), Lucy (KZN)



Oscar & Harry enjoying the new hunting


The group waiting for the next line…


Some views of the farm…



And of course some photos of the beagles doing what they do best…. RUNNING and SNIFFING!


And some photos of the beagles crossing the finish lines during the morning…:




Ember (KZN)


Ember (KZN) again!


Harry & Oscar (both JHB)


Lucy (KZN)


Lucy (KZN) and a noisy Oscar (JHB) in tow

Poppadom (JHB)



Now,, if you are part of the JHB hunts, or follow the website really closely and you have a very keen eye… you MAY have noticed a flash of a pink tutu in those photos of beagles coming into the finish line…?

Yup, that’s right!!! After 3 years of hunting, and almost 100% attendance in those 3 years… and never having run further than 50m from the people… our very own PENNY FINISHED LINES!!! All but the first line! She ran her little heart out! Pink tutu and all! And she finished them in a really good position too – just paces behind the leaders of the pack!!



After the hunt, we had a delicious breakfast of bacon and egg rolls, made by Bruce – thank you Bruce and Kelley for catering! It was awesome…

even Harry agreed that the juice was yummy!


The beagles got their pilchards,


Little baby Saffron came along to learn about hunting…

she took her big brother for a walk (much to his dismay!!)…….


She learnt the ropes with the newest hunter, Penny………….


She got her first taste of pilchards!…………………..


She got sniffed by “strangers”


And after all that excitement… she lay down on her pink blankie and napped!! So much excitement for such a little girl!


What a great experience to be able to join in the KZN Hunt! Thank you so much to Kelley and Bruce to welcoming us, and catering for us! And thanks to Frankie, Ember, Gizmo, Peaches, Lucy & Benjamin for welcoming the JHB beagles into your pack… we all had an amazing time, and hope to see you again!

All the best to the KZN Pack – we know you will be successful!


On a different note… the JHB beagles did make a trip to the sea, to play in the waves and dig in the sand and chase the birds 🙂




Thank you for your hospitality, Natal!!

4 Responses to “ Gauteng Beagles joined a KZN Hunt 24 June ”

  1. Nikki says:

    Lovely pics! It was awesome having the JHB beagles join us, it was definitely a lot louder than normal!

  2. Karen says:

    Such an excellent account of the day’s events. Thanks Tanya. Just to add that Penny got 234 points for her efforts – well done!

  3. […]  Tanya de Ville wrote a lovely story with photos and videos on the hunt which you can read on  It was great to meet the guys from Gauteng and we hope they will join us for more hunts in the […]

  4. Gizmo has asked me to explain that the fact that Poppadum latched onto his hindquarters did not mean that he was in retreat at the time but rather that he was being restricted by his leash! He seeks a rematch but has been told that this is not in the spirit of Beagle Hunting. Thanks to the Jhb crowd for contributing to such an exciting day! Best – HhhOoooWwwLlll.

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