JHB Hunt – 1 July 2012

This was our smallest group this season, with just under 40 beagles in attendance.


The pack is really forming nicely, with more and more dogs running… and over the last few weeks, we’ve had few to no dogs go “missing”.

Some pics below from the morning’s hunt:


Our next hunt is on 15 July and is a breakfast… PLEASE remember to RSVP to me via email or the website and let me know how many people are staying for breakfast… a lot of people come to hunt, but don’t stay for breakfast, so please make sure you mention that you WILL be staying, and how many we need to cater for. I believe pancakes are on the menu, at R35 per person. Remember your chairs and drinks! See you then!

2 Responses to “ JHB Hunt – 1 July 2012 ”

  1. Karen says:

    So????? Did Penny run?

  2. Tanya Tanya says:

    Karen, she tried… SO HARD!! But it’s just too long for her… i thin she ran about the length of a KZN line and thought “Hold on, I should be done now… bugger this, i’m going back!”.
    She definitely ran further this sunday than she’s ever run before (except when she took off after a bird a few weeks ago!)

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