JHB Hunt Review – 15 July 2012

Wow, this was the coldest JHB Hunt I can remember… the temperature was 3 degrees when we arrived, and it just seemed to get colder and colder as the icy biting wind picked up!

Despite the revolting weather, there were over 40 beagles at the hunt and none of them seemed too worried about the chill in the air…

Royce and Bentley came prepared for the cold front tho, and were wrapped up in blankies between lines… It seems to work well for them, they did very well as usual!


Buddy also snuggled up in his padded bib (and Buddy is a beautiful example of how the beagles’ numbers should be displayed on their bibs… this makes it SO much easier for the scorekeepers to see who is who when the dogs come in at the finish line)


Aimee and Nelson’s ears flapping in the cold wind


Chilli completed lines for the first time – well done!


Fonzi and Zo Zo catching a patch of sun


Harry strutting his stuff (after breaking a nail!)


Loelie watching the line being laid…



And here are the guys off laying the line (the lines were quite hectic… see the bottom of this post for some stats!)


Maximus wanting to be off on the trail


Little Moxie was there to support big sister ZoeC and big bro Bernie… but it was all too much for her, and she snuggled up in her pj’s and napped


Poppadom and Roti waiting for their release


And the stats on the lines… recorded by Horatio and Calleigh’s dad:

Line 1: 1.24km Climbed 73m Time: 18:00
Line 2: 1.30km Climbed 72m Time: 18:25
Line 3: 1.25km Climbed 79m Time: 17:00
Line 4: 1.52km Climbed 76m Time: 22:33
Line 5: 1.64km Climbed 66m Time: 19:32


so you’ll see the dogs who ran all the lines ran a total of 6.95km!! Plus all the extra they may have done running back to the people, or running off on their own mission!! Quite a distance! Thanks for the stats, Peter!


Yesterday’s hunt was also a bit of a sad one… Royce & Bentley who only joined us this year are emigrating to Australia and yesterday was their last hunt 🙁 We’ve really enjoyed meeting both of them, and their mom and dad. We’re going to miss you guys, but we wish you all the best in your new adventure… we hope you will keep us posted on how you are doing over there!

We’ll be thinking of Royce and Bentley on Thursday when they fly off to NZ for their quarantine (also thinking of Tanesh and Tracey – I’m sure it is quite a stressful thing to go through… so we;ll be sending lots of positive beagle thoughts to you guys!)


Royce and Bentley very kindly brought cupcakes for everyone as a farewell party… it fitted in really well, as we were having another of our famous breakfasts (which probably played a large part in the number of people who braved the cold!)


Our delicious breakfast was pancakes! Our chefs made two delicious fillings and supplied sugar and cinnamon too… i’m not sure if it was the cold, but this meal was just so delicious and hit the spot! Thank you chefs – you guys are awesome!

Here is the chef in his, um, kitchen!


I think we were all very glad to get home, jump in a hot bath or shower, and cuddle up under blankets in front of the heater! Thanks again to all, and see you next time!




3 Responses to “ JHB Hunt Review – 15 July 2012 ”

  1. Tracey says:

    Thank you everyone for welcoming us into the beagle hunt family. We will sorely miss all of you, your lovely doggies and the famous breakfasts. We will be sure to keep in touch!

    Take Care,
    Tracey, Tanesh, Royce and Bentley

  2. Peter says:

    Thanks to Shaw for making us feel the burn !!
    and thanks to the Chefs for a awesome breakfast as usual

  3. Nic says:

    Best breakfast yet!

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