JHB Review – 29 July 2012

Our season is coming to a close – only 2 hunts, plus the Top Ten left for 2012!

Even though we are making our way out of winter, it was still really cold! Brrrrr!


The cold doesn’t bother the beagles too much, and as usual, they had loads of fun!

There was a little Puppy Group going on –



And Moxie:


And Mars. It was his very first visit to the hunts, to support his big bro’ Mason… how cute is little Mars, in his cuddly PJ’s


and Mars’ big brother Manson, looking very handsome!


ready for the release…


Can you spot your beagle?




Some photos of the hounds coming into the finish line:


Baxter (who was rehomed through the website!)




Biff and Harley


Calleigh in the process of losing *another* bib!


Brothers, Harry & Oscar




Jamie having a good shake before coming in!


There must have been something in the air, because Ralph also had a good ear-flapping shake before finishing!




In between all that excitement and running, there was some down time too!

as demonstrated by Lilo,


and Aimee,


and what would a beagle hunt be without cuddles?

Bernie is daddy’s boy:


… and so is Oscar!


After the fifth line, Baxter stole the bag with the pilchards, and headed off into the mountains to have it all to himself! He dragged the bag behind him for ages before the Search and Rescue team managed to bring him (AND the pilchards!) back and poor Baxter ended up having to share with the others… it’s a tough life!


Thanks to Carmel & Carolyn for the photos above! there are some more photos of the 2012 JHB hunts on the Facebook Page.


Our next hunt is in THREE weeks time, on 19 August … see you then!

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