JHB: NEW Breakfast plans for Sunday


Gauteng Beaglers,

We’re hunting this Sunday, and yes, we are scheduled for a breakfast… BUT very sadly, we are not going to be treated by our fabulous chefs 🙁 They have recently opened up a brand new shop in Centurion, and are incredibly busy (go and have a look to learn more about Schweet Emporium http://www.schweetemporium.co.za/ )and are unfortunately NOT able to cater breakfast for us on Sunday… I know there will be lots of disappointed faces (mine included!) but we have been incredibly spoilt by Trevor and Dilene, and I’m sure that we can forgive them, and wish them luck in their new shop!

On that note… if you would like to stay after the hunt, please bring your own snacks and chairs, and we can have a bit of a social gathering after the hunt anyway. Jane is going to be drawing the winner of the raffle at our “bring and breakfast” … so that is a reason to stay!

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