JHB Photos – Last hunt for 2012: 2 Sep

Today was the last JHB hunt for 2012! The TOP TEN will be announced some time this week, so be sure to watch the site! The TOP TEN will take place on Sun 16 September at 7am. There will be a breakfast afterwards, and since our chefs are othersie occupied, Jane is going to be arranging the breakfast, so we DO need numbers asap… please email me if you would like to come, so we can cater accordingly!


Back to this hunt tho…

Special congratulations to SnoopyD and Lilo for finishing their first ever lines, and getting a first place!! It may have taken them a whole season, but what a great way to end!

Also well done to Baxter(T) on his first 1st place!

We also got to meet little Mousse who entertained us with his squeaking and grumbling and moaning! Too cute!



Thank you to each and every person who has helped in any way, big or small, to make this season possible… there is a lot that goes into the hunts to make them happen, and we are very lucky to have people step up and take on responsibility for all the different roles – whether laying the lines, scenting the dogs, blowing the horn, keeping score, doing the score sheets, arranging the pilchards and bags and rope each week, search and rescue team. Even if you just stepped in and released someone else’s dog if they walked up front, or grabbed a beagle and pointed him in the right way if you saw him wandering off… THANK YOU! It’s been an awesome season, with loads of new people, and it has run very smoothly!

Hope to see you at the TOP TEN, and if not, watch this space for Walkhaven dates!

18 Responses to “ JHB Photos – Last hunt for 2012: 2 Sep ”

  1. Grant says:

    Hi there

    I understand that its the TOP 10 for the final event. Does this mean that there are no places for new entrants?

    As a newcomer with a Beagle that has lost his partner this week I was elated to find this sight and to be able to join this group and to see what is done on here for the Beagle population.

    Anyway if we cannot bring Amok to the event, is it possible that we can attend this to see what happens and see what goes on.

    On another note, if anybody knows of any rescued Beagles or Beagles that are in need of a good home, please dont hesitate to give me their details


    Grant, Centurion

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hi Grant
    The Top 10 is the final for the season and only the top 10 dogs run 1 very long line. It is a very different hunt to the normal so it may not be the best one to watch as an example but you would be welcome to come and see. I think it would be best to leave Amok at home though. If you want more info or to book for the breakfast contact Tanya – info@beagles.co.za

  3. Ivan says:

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