Gauteng Top Ten 2012 – 16 Sept

After a night of heavy rain, thunder, lightning and hail, Sunday morning dawned clear and bright!

The top ten beagles, and some supporters gathered at our usual spot for the final challenge of 2012…

Biff, Calleigh, Fonzi, Horaitio, Maya, Poppadom, Roger, Roti, ZoeC and ZoeR all had their game faces on, after serious pep talks by their parents (Royce, we missed you, but hope you and Bentley are enjoying Australia!)

From left: Roger, ZoeR, Maya, Calleigh, Horatio, Roti, Poppadom, ZoeC, Fonzi, Biff

From left: Roger, ZoeR, Maya, Calleigh, Horatio, Roti, Poppadom, ZoeC, Fonzi, Biff


The quad bike set off with the lure, and the beagles got their bibs on and went to line up…


a countdown, and they were off!!





waiting at the finish line, we could hear the dogs in the valley… and then we caught a glimpse of some movement at the foot of the hill, and watched them coming in, 10 minutes after their release…


In first place, was little 4 year old MAYA! Who has made it into the Top Ten in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012… this is the first time she has completed the line! So huge congrats to MAYA!

Close on her tail, in second position, was 19 month old CALLEIGH! This is the first year Calleigh has made it into the Top Ten. She joined the hunts last year, and didn’t run any lines at all, so a huge improvement for her! Calleigh also received a lot of votes in the poll on the website “Who will win 2012 Top Ten”. Calleigh is classified as a puppy (under 18 months old at the start of the season).


Once the two girls were in, we spotted BIFF racing in, in third place! This is Biff’s very first season – he is nearly 2 years old, and has been running very well since he joined the pack! Biff is also classified as a puppy (under 18 months old at the start of the season)


A little bit of a wait, and we spotted some more movement of another little female running towards us to claim fourth place… Two and a half year old ZOE-C! ZoeC made it into the Top Ten 2011, but unfortunately did not manage to finish the line last year… so this was a great achievement for her too!

Next up, tongue dangling, and ears flapping, in fifth position, was “old man” ROGER! Roger will be 8 years old in a few weeks, and has competed in the Top Ten in 2009, 2010 and 2011…  Roger came second in 2009, and unfortunately did not complete the challenge in 2010 or 2011. Roger is classified as a veteran in the field (over 7 years old at the beginning of the season).


Shortly after, in a flash of red, and with a big smile, as always (!) FONZI came bounding in, to claim his spot in sixth place! Fonzi is two and a half years old, this is his second season, and his second Top Ten… he did not complete the Top Ten challenge in 2011.

(sorry I only got a blurry shot of you Fonzi – you are too quick! hehe 🙂


Behind Fonzi, there was a glimpse of a blue bib, and a little brown face, and ZOE-R came racing in to claim seventh position! Zoe-R is 4 years old and this is her very first Top Ten!


After a phonecall back to the start, we saw that 3 year old Horatio didn’t make it much further than the start line, and 8 year old veteran brothers Poppadom & Roti came back halfway through the line too. So of our 10 beagles, seven managed to finish!

All 3 females finished the line, and this is the THIRD year in a row the challenge was won by a female! (2012 = Maya, 2011 = Marmalade, 2010 = Lucy).


So once again, huge congrats to all the TOP TEN, and especially to those who finished the line!


After the challenge we gathered around for a celebratory champagne breakfast of croissants, scrambled egg, bacon and sausages! Thank you to Jane and Dilene for organising the food and drinks, and to everyone who chipped in to cook for the group!




of course, it’s not a beagle breakfast if the beagles don’t lick the dishes clean!





And to end off, a gallery of other pictures from the morning 🙂


A big thank you once again to each and every person who has helped in any way to make the 2012 season a success! It really has been great fun meeting loads of new beagles and their people!

Watch this space for monthly walkhaven meetups!

Looking forward to seeing everyone all clean and shiny at the Beagle Ball next month!

4 Responses to “ Gauteng Top Ten 2012 – 16 Sept ”

  1. Roelf says:

    So jammer ekt die geleentheid gemis. Bly so baie het klaargemaak en die dametjie wat tweede was het amper groot geskiedenis gemaak. Ons is baie trots op Maya. Oupa se honne !!

  2. JANE says:

    I have to echo Tanya in saying thanks to everyone. What a great season with so many new beagles having a great season & making it into the top ten. That to me is always so exciting to see the new dogs making there mark, although still absolutley special to have the veterans still in the running. We could not do it without them teaching the others the ropes.

    There are so many people that made the season the success that it was this year & hope to see everyone again inthe new year.

    See you at the hunt ball & prize giving.

  3. Tracey says:

    The pictures are just lovely. Congrats to all the Beagles who participated this year. Royce and Bentley send you their love! Unfortunately still in quarantine, but only 6 more weeks to go before the family is reunited.

  4. Peter says:

    Well done guys

    thanks for an great season

    see you all at the Beagle Event of the YEAR !!!

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