Hi from Royce and Bentley in Australia!

Hi Gauteng Beagle Club!


We just wanted to let you know that Royce and Bentley have arrived safely and are settling into their new home.  The little globetrotters left South Africa on the 19th of July, stopped off in Sydney, then jetted off to Auckland New Zealand, for 3 months.  Of course, mum and dad missed them like crazy whilst they were gone, but it was good knowing that they were well looked after.  The quarantine facility in New Zealand had loads of space for them to run around and must have been feeding them very well as both dogs put on 2kgs each since they were there.


The flight back to Perth was a bit traumatic.  They didn’t enjoy the cargo hold of the plane at all, but once they came home and had dinner, they were back to normal.  You would swear that these dogs had always lived here.


Whilst we don’t have a cool beagle club like back home, there are some fantastic parks and doggy beaches that we can take them to.  The boys LOVE the beach and all the attention they get when we take them there. They are slowly making friends with all the new wildlife Australia has to offer but I am sure that they both miss their hunts.


Take care and keep in touch. We’ve checked out all the photo’s from the ball, and you guys clean up good! It looked like a fantastic evening and we’re disappointed we could not be there.


Best wishes

Tracey, Tanesh, Royce & Bentley










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  1. Debbie R says:

    Thanks for the news and pics. Glad to hear you’re all together again, and doing well. Lovely photos.

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