In loving memory of Ronnie

We received some VERY sad news this morning… one of the Gauteng beagles was taken by the angels last night at the tender age of 4… Ronnie, you were always full of beans and bounce, ready to play with anyone who gave you half a chance. We loved watching you strut your stuff at the breakfasts and Walkhaven, and we are going to miss that “Fat Furry Tail” of yours.

Hester, Garrick and Gina, our hearts go out to you, and we wish you peace and comfort at this difficult time.


Ronnie’s mom, Hester, wrote this beautiful poem to pay tribute to her beautiful boy:


Our Very Special Friend and child

We lost a special friend today

the kind you can’t replace,
and looking at his empty bed
I still can see his face.I see the endless energy
the sparkling beagle eyes,
Not the tired, beagle friend
We had to bid goodbye.

I know he’s in a special place
our Lord has for such friends,
Where meadows, fields & flowers
help make them strong and whole again.

I remember how he’d run to us
to play his favorite games,
And how his tail would perk right up
When he heard us call his name.

I’ve noticed in the recent days
His ears were not as sharp,
Where is that running ball of fur
The ran and played and barked.

He started sleeping next to us
Was this his special clue,
Because he felt the end was near
I only wish we knew.

Our Ronnie boy was a special dog
I know he gave his best,
And as I recall those loving eyes
We did not know it was time for him to rest.

So they said you had “fat fur”
which we did not mind
You always had a gentle heart and soul
And always loving, soft and kind

It will truly be a struggle
We don’t know how we’ll face each day,
We have to let you go–we know
But in our hearts you’ll always stay.

This special place our Lord has made
Health and strength, wait for him there,
So with our very special friend
We’re sending all our prayers.

I know he’s watching over us
He’ll be with us when we cry,
So with one more kiss on his beloved head
We told our Ronnie boy goodbye.

There are many beagle friends ready to welcome you and show you the best places to run and sniff and bark and play.
Rest in peace sweet Ronnie, you were loved by many, and will be missed.

4 Responses to “ In loving memory of Ronnie ”

  1. Hester Pescivolo says:

    Thank you for the touching tribute to a truly wonderful dog. Our hearts are broken and our tears never ending, but we have to believe that he is with the angels and looking down on us. We are so grateful for the two years we had with him. He was rescued from a kennel after being abandoned. He gave and received to much love. We can only hope that time heals he pain we feel and we can start celebrating his live instead of mourning it. Perhaps there will be some closure when they find out what caused his young life to be ended so soon. Love you all xxx

  2. Anette van Veenhuyzen says:

    Good morning
    It is so nice to read a letter like you just wrote about Ronnie for any breeder it is very good to know that owners can love their pets so much.
    Thinking off you

  3. Hester Pescivolo says:

    Hi Anette, when I saw your name I thought it rang a bell. Your name is on Ronnie’s Virbac document as his usual Vet. He was one of your puppies from Onderstepoort. Studvet Ronnie – born 29 March 2008. KUSA no BZ126986. What an awesome dog he was.

  4. Roelf says:

    Our sincere condolences. Roelf Rita and Maya.

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