two mature male beagles need a new home (benoni)




Beagle’s Names: Brody and Cooper (nicknames Brody-Bum and Coopie)

Age/Date of Birth : 13 August 2004

SEX : Both Male

Is s/he registered? No

Is s/he sterilised? Yes both

Is s/he microchipped? No

Is s/he friendly with:
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Cooper isnt a cat person
Children: Excellent

Area: Benoni

Reason for rehoming: We are relocating to Namibia to manage a lodge. We would love to take our beagle-boys with, but they will be killed by leopards in the first night.

Contact person (email & tel): Nicole Swatton 083 260 1846/

Any additional costs: No


Brody and Cooper will make any home complete. They love having a morning cuddle on the bed. Both boys are excellent with children (we have a 4 year old son who tells everyone he meets that Coopie is his best friend) They sleep outside and prefer a big garden. They will also be ready at the gate to welcome you home with a bark/ howl and a wagging tail.

Cooper is more energetic and playful, he loves having his neck scratched and enjoys eating pop-corn

Brody is a little overweight but that just means there is more of him to cuddle. He loves his ears to be scratched. He loves his food so he needs to be watched as he tends to steal food if given the opportunity. He is not a fussy eater however he is not a fan of carrots. If you get your face too close to his, you will be given a kiss.

All they want and deserve is a happy home where they will be loved and looked after.



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  1. Hester Pescivolo says:

    I phoned Nicole and they have found a new home. Arooooo !

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