Kennel Cough

Hi Guys…


there seems to be a bit of an outbreak of Kennel Cough in Gauteng at the moment…

Dogs don’t cough like humans… they make a retching sound, like something is stuck in their throat

please note that vaccination against Kennel Cough is NOT standard with your annual vaccinations, and you need to ASK your vet to vaccinate against it. If your dog is coughing, please do not come to the hunts, and infect other beagles… rather go to your vet for treatment, and take at least 10 days off from socialising with other dogs until your dog is better. It is also recommended that you rather play with your dog at home, rather than walking him while he is coughing as the pulling on the collar may irritate his throat further.

Kennel cough is contagious.


There was an article on our site in the Vets Corner a while ago, on Kennel Cough… please refresh your memories by clicking here.


Remember, if your beagle is coughing, please skip the next hunt… you wouldn’t want to be surrounded by noisy animals and run for kilometres while you are sick and coughing with a sore throat… stay cuddled up in bed instead 🙂



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