The Beagle Club of South Africa

Hi Beaglers – you may or may not know that there is currently no official KUSA Beagle Club… Currently, one is in the early stages of being set up – more info from the club members below:


The Beagle Club of South Africa


Where Like-Minded Beagle People Gather

Seeking KUSA Affiliation


A club for everyone that owns a Beagle, whether you have a pet, a showdog or a working dog.


Our aim is to educate and provide information about the Beagle breed, promote ethical breeding and improvement of the breed, and help breeders breed towards the perfect beagle.


We are here to offer advice on showing your beagle, working your beagle, and training your beagle.


Contact us for anything Beagle related.




We are currently running a competition to design our logo so become a member today and enter!

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  1. Ronel du Preez says:

    Hi there

    I live in Bloemfontein and I have a Beagle X dachshund.
    Will I be able to join the club?
    I’m training her obedience and tracking–And I want to start a club
    For non pedigree dogs and hold competitions in Rally-O;tracking;Freiball and various other dog sports here in Free State!

    Hope to hear from you Soon!
    I Love my rescued “Weagle”–Doxle doesn’t sound right!!


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