Numbering of your beagle’s bibs (Gauteng)

Hi Beaglers…


just a reminder that the numbers on your beagles’ bibs need to be very clearly marked on the SIDES of your bibs. When the pack is coming into the finish line, the guys doing the scoring need to be able to see the numbers in a matter of seconds, there is not always time for them to figure out where the number is or who the beagle is… remember, we have a LOT of dogs.

So, please make it easy for the scorers to spot your beagle, if they can’t see the number, your beagle won’t get the points!!


Some great examples of easy to spot numbers below:





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  1. Bennet van der Gryp says:

    Will we get an opportunity to have bibs made tomorrow? i thought numbers would only be assigned ttomorrow. Are we still getting temporary bibs?

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