The important need to knows

My Beagle and his Daschund brother are like my kids, as I am sure is the situation for most the people reading this website.  For me one of the most important things is finding trustworthy, good service providers in the “doggy industry”.  I have therefore thought it to be very important to have a post on this website where we can recommend services and people from our own experience or that we have heard of.  I am going to add a few things and then I would appreciate if you could email me suggestions or services that you feel you can recommend for fellow Beaglers.

To make it easier I am going to write a recommendation next to the names/links which have been recommended and the ones that are new or haven’t been tried by anyone I know will be listed without a recommendation.  Please feel free to email me any new suggestions or recommendations:

First of all I think the most important thing is finding someone or a place to look after our kids when we are away.


11904818-palomarhigginsoncart800 are amazing!  I have made use of their service about 4 times now and can never complain.  I’ve never used them for sleepovers but when we only go away for a night I get Leigh to come in to feed and walk the kids.

Beagle Bed & Breakfast

Puppy Ripples

Dog Care Centre

PuppyLove Daycare

Bed and Biscuit – I’ve HEARD this place is amazing but have yet to try it.

Health & Beauty:)


Barking Bubbles – I have used them twice and this is just an awesome service!  They come to your house and wash your doggies in your own driveway.  They condition, dry and comb them and have a very nifty trailer/bath in wich they do all the grooming.  I am usually drenched to my toes when I attempt to bath Joe but these guys make it look so easy and everything is done in about 15min and they are really affordable as well.






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