Western Cape Hunt – 9 June

Don’t know if I’m just speaking for myself I have to say I sometimes feel a bit envious of the Gauteng Beaglers and their “well-dressed” kids at their Beagle events but I think it is time to show off our lovely hunting venue to brag a bit from our side:)


For years the Beagle runs have been happening at the same beautiful wine estate, called Anura.  This is a gorgeous farm with vineyards as far as the eye can see and lots of running space for the kids.  The hunts are never boring and you never know what to expect as the farm always deliver some sort of surprise.  At the one hunt we all had to scramble to make sure our hunters didn’t end up in the beehives close by and then at another event a few of the “naughty/curious” ones ended up in a huge pile of something that smelled horrible.  I’m not sure whose dog it was but there was one little guy who made sure he was covered from head to toe in this gunk!    These are just two examples of what can go wrong for us moms and dads that is all part of the fun and then to top it off most of them end up in the dam at the end of the day to cool off after all the exercise.  I’m not as lucky as some of the Beagle moms and dads to drive a bakkie and then end up with a VERY tired, VERY dirty and sometimes VERY wet Beagle on the front seat of my Polo.

This past Sunday was no exception and a lot of fun was had by all!

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18 Responses to “ Western Cape Hunt – 9 June ”

  1. Tanya Tanya says:

    love the pics… i see Ronald is looking smart in his Racing Red bib… hope it brings him extra speed and good luck this year!
    As a “Gauteng-er” … i’m pretty envious of your beautiful rolling green landscape that you hunt in, it really does look beautiful!

  2. Think that must have been Ronald rolling in manure. I apologize to anyone that had to stand next to him adter that.

    Thanks Tanya Ronald’s enjoying his red kit this year. Lucky I got a second one as hes already been rolling in manure. Lol

  3. JANE says:

    Would love at some point to give this venue a go. I am with you there Tanya, no long or burnt grass. Will have to figure out something.:)

  4. Marni says:


    Out of interest, Leonardo where did you get Ronald from? He looks just like my dads beagles (If I am correct, number 119?)

  5. Leonardo says:

    Marni, yes Ronald is 119. I adopted him, he was originally from PE.

  6. Marvon says:

    I had problems with my Cream Cheese when she was just 2 mhnots old. She tore my tablecloth to shreds! (well, just the edges) You’re right. Proper training is necessary and it certainly won’t help if you shout or run towards your dog.

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