Litter due End July – Gauteng (Male puppies only)

*NOTE:* beagles are high maintenance dogs. They need constant attention and lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Training is essential for puppies! They are easily bored, and WILL bark and howl and disturb your neighbours. They WILL dig up your garden and chew your plants/shoes/kreepy-krawly/clothes/sprinkler system/everything they see ESPECIALLY if they are bored. PLEASE remember these factors when purchasing a puppy!! Beagles are pack animals and NEED to be part of your family. A beagle living outside, alone is a recipe for disaster.*

Please so some reading and research into the breed if you have not had a beagle before.Dog Breed Info has some valuable info as well as Wikipedia. You may find some interesting info on Burke’s Backyard too. **




Quality puppies from European and SA bloodlines –  due end July in Gauteng area.

Only male puppies available – all females have been pre-booked already

Chosen for type and temperament and raised in the center of our busy home so they become well socialised giving them a good grounding for future companion training.

Genetic soundness and temperament is of the utmost importance in our breeding programme, which is why we breed carefully and selectively.  One litter per year.

Kusa  Accredited Breeder with many years of experience (since…2004)

The litter will be available to discerning prospective owners.

We would love to have you visit, meet Faldo and Mylie and see how we care for our pack.

Contact :  France van Niekerk {details removed as pups are sold}




Pics of the parents:

honde op stoep 518


{EDIT – 29 July}

Pups born 24 July – only males available:



12 Responses to “ Litter due End July – Gauteng (Male puppies only) ”

  1. TAra Ralphs says:

    Hi, would love to know if you have any males available in your next litter.
    Look forward to your response.
    Kind regards
    Tara Ralphs

  2. Roz Nash says:

    Hi there

    I sent an email a few days back but didn’t hear from you. We would like to book a female if possible??

    Thank you
    Roz Nash

  3. Zoe Holmes says:

    Hi, am looking for a female beagle to replace our lab who recently died and keep our retriever company. Regards Zoe

  4. Neléne Nel says:

    We are very interested. We’d like to train yours to accompany us with our hunting trips and we’re wondering about what sex will be best or is it irrelevant..kindly advise? Thanks

  5. thea says:

    Any females available ????? let me know please

  6. Marnus says:

    We have got the most beautifull Beagle, his name, Ricoh. He is 7months old now and we LOVE HIM TO BITS…but we are working people so Ricoh is alone during the day and need a partner… “in crime”
    Interested in a female if possible!

    Kindest Regards

  7. Alan Dalbock says:

    I bred Beagles for over 2o years , and my son would love one now .If you dogs are registerd , and bred from good bloodlines , and you have pups available . Please contact me . Kind Regards alan Dalbock.

  8. @Tara Ralphs says:

    Please send an email or call France if you are still looking for a male Beagle puppy

  9. @Zoe Holmes says:

    Please send an email or call France if you are still looking for a female Beagle puppy

  10. Roz Nash says:

    Hi Marnus Can you send me a pic of Ricoh?
    Thank you Roz Nash

  11. Mark says:

    Hi France,

    I have emailed you.

    Please can you come back to me.



  12. Henwill Kuit says:

    Hi,looking for a female beagle pup for my wife,plz keep me up to date!God bless

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