JHB Hunt – 4 Aug 2013

Another successful JHB hunt… our season is very nearly over, can you believe it! Soon it’ll be the Beagle Prizegiving evening, and then summer will be here in full swing and we’ll have our monthly Walkhaven social days.

But before we get there, a few more hunts left.


Here are some pics from this past weekend’s scent hunt…


The group in the veld, waiting for our scentmaster and his team to lay the line





Lots of excitedly barking and howling beagles!



Pippen getting a better view of things



And Poppadom too!




Remington is more worried about cuddles than the view




Snoopy showing his enthusiasm




Little Teddy who has been very very ill was more than happy to be out and about, biting and chewing everything. We’re really glad he was feeling better, and we hope he makes a full recovery very quickly!



Little April also spent a lot of time in hospital recently, and even though the group had never met her before, a lot of us knew about her, and have had her in our thoughts and prayers… Sunday was the first time she came to visit the hunt – and she’s looking forward to joining the pack next year!




Beautiful little Miley getting cuddles from everyone in sight!



Miley and her big brothers Manson & Mars




Nelson using his patient sister Roxy as a pillow while he waits for the line

nelson roxy


Beagle hunting is fun for the whole family – even little Matthew loves coming along with mom & dad, and their beagles – Aimee, Nelson, and HIS Roxy as he will happily tell you. He and dad had story time in the veld



Thanks to everyone for making this yet another enjoyable morning! See you next time!




6 Responses to “ JHB Hunt – 4 Aug 2013 ”

  1. Karen says:

    Love the picture of Jane and Pippen!

  2. Derick says:

    I must say it is my first year off a full season hunt. Loved every moment off it especially the fact that Harley and Leygo are doing so well. Thank you for a great season.

  3. kerry costa says:

    We are new to beagles.co.za but not new to the lovely breed! We have spent the past 15 years of our lives sharing it with 2 beautiful beagles Barkleigh and Sable (and Venus – a boerbull) who thought she was a beagle! Just recently we had to say goodbye to our beautiful girls and added a new beagle to the family called Gucci!
    We would love to find our more about the beagle hunts in JHB and would love to meet the other beagles out there.

    I know the hunts for this season are closed, but would really love to see one in action and certainly put our name on the list for 2014.
    Can anyone help?

    Look forward to meeting you all.

    Kerry and family and of course Gucci!

  4. Tanya Tanya says:

    Hi Kerry,

    our season starts in about April – where we have a few open hunts for newcomers to join, and then we close the season about 4 hunts in. This gives the pack a chance to form, and hunt without the distraction of new beagles every week.

    We haven’t set any dates for 2014 as yet, but will post on the site early next year. You can subscribe to have the posts here delivered to your email address (see in the sidebar and enter your email address) …
    in summer, we meet once a month at Walkhaven, which is a social afternoon open to all! again, dates will be posted on the site closer to the time…

    Hope to meet you and your family soon 🙂

  5. Parminder says:

    I love your photos of Scrapper. Do you still have her?We once had a beufuital all brown and white beagle Bugle Ann. She was a wonderful little dog whose life was way too short.

  6. Tanyn Murley says:

    Can you enter uour beagle in to the hunt if he has no training and has never been to a hunt before?

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