JHB – Walkhaven dates: Sep, Oct, Nov 2013

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HI Beaglers!


With the 2013 hunting season drawing to a close in Gauteng, we are looking towards summer, and our monthly meet-ups at Walkhaven.

For those who haven’t joined us… we meet once a month, on a sunday afternoon, from about 2-ish for a social get together. No hunting, just a chance to get together with friends and let the beagles run, swim, bark, chase and be chased. It’s a perfect opportunity for people who would like to join the hunts in winter to come and meet the pack and ask some questions about the hunts in a relaxed environment.

Since this is a social event at a public dog park, you are welcome to bring your wanna-beagles, as the socials are not beagle-exclusive like the hunts… so we look forward to meeting your other dogs!


So, dates to Diarise for the rest of 2013…:

Sunday 29 September – from about 2pm

Sunday 27 October – from about 2pm

Sunday 24 November – from about 2pm

December meet up to be confirmed… we usually meet before the 16th (Public Holiday) to accommodate those who go away from then… this year the 16th Dec falls on a Monday… which makes it a long weekend, so we’ll see closer to the time.


If it rains on a walkhaven date, we may reschedule it to the following sunday…


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  1. Erni says:

    Shoshanna, good for you!!! Giving an animal a good home is a wfoedrnul generous act. It is not for everyone, but many people help in other ways. I’m limiting my rescue efforts right now, and I have nine permanent cats. It’s more than I ever planned to adopt, for sure. It’s a handful.

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