Beagle Adoption – 1 year old Male & Female (together) – JHB



*NOTE:* beagles are high maintenance dogs. They need constant attention and lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Training is essential for puppies! They are easily bored, and WILL bark and howl and disturb your neighbours. They WILL dig up your garden and chew your plants/shoes/kreepy-krawly/clothes/sprinkler system/everything they see ESPECIALLY if they are bored. PLEASE remember these factors when purchasing a puppy!! Beagles are pack animals and NEED to be part of your family. A beagle living outside, alone is a recipe for disaster.*

Please so some reading and research into the breed if you have not had a beagle before.Dog Breed Info has some valuable info as well as Wikipedia. You may find some interesting info on Burke’s Backyard too.

Before you get tempted by the cute face, have a look at this post to see what beagles around South Africa get up to when you are not looking**



Tinkerbell and Teddy are brother and sister.

They were a year old in July.

Very attached to each other and would like them to go together.

They were abandoned at kennels by previous owners who were moving to a smaller place and no garden.

Both inoculated, dewormed, chipped and sterilised.

Lively Beagle kids and would need a home where they can get enough attention and space.

House trained and used to a doggy door to come in and out and sleep indoors.

Good with cats, other dogs and children.

Adoption fee of R600 each is applicable to cover recent cost of chip and sterilisation.

Currently fostered by Hester in Fourways JHB.


For more information or to apply, please contact Hester on 083 228 4461 or Derrick on 073 285 4478 or e-mail










2 Responses to “ Beagle Adoption – 1 year old Male & Female (together) – JHB ”

  1. Hermann Naude says:

    Hi there, i would love adopt and provide a loving home, however i can only afford and accommodate one at this stage, so if you don’t manage to get a home for them together, please let me know.

    I’m looking for friend, a partner to jog ang go cycle with, so he wil have a lot of opportunity to stay fit and utelize their high energy.


  2. Rob Kendrick says:

    I have a Beagle and Wieneramer awesome dogs
    keep me posted if you don’t come right

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