Learn more about the Gauteng 2013 TOP TEN!

Some more stats on the Gauteng Top 10 2013:

We only have 3 females in this year’s top ten, and 7 handsome males.

3 of the beagles fall into the PUPPY category (under 18 months at beginning of season)

4 of the beagles fall into the JUNIOR category (ie: 18 months to 3 years at the beginning of the season)

2 fall into the OPEN category (i.e. 3 – 7 years at beginning of season)

and just 1 beagle falls into the VETERAN category (over 7 years old at beginning of season)

Biff: this is Biff’s second Top Ten, he is a Junior.

Calleigh: this is Calleigh’s second Top Ten… She and Horatio are “siblings” (in the family, not genetically). Also a Junior

Fonzi – this is Fonzi’s 3rd Top Ten. Fonzi barely ran at all in his very first season. Fonzi’s dad is our Scentmaster. Fonzi is in the Open category.

Harley – this is Harley’s first Top Ten. Harley just missed it last year, but won BEST RESCUE beagle and falls in the Junior category.

Horatio – this is Horatio’s second Top Ten… He and Calleigh are “siblings” (in the family, not genetically). Horatio won MOST IMPROVED in 2012. He is in the Junior category.

Marmalade – this is Marmalade’s second Top Ten. Marmalade WON Top Ten in 2011. Two of Marmalade’s puppies are in this year’s Top Ten! She is also in the Open category.

Mousse – is one of Marmalade’s puppies (and both are owned by our DragMaster) – which also makes him litter-brother to Seamus. Mousse is classed as a puppy for this year, and it is his first Top Ten.

Roger – our veteran!! Roger is now almost 9 years old! Roger has made Top Ten for the last 5 years! Roger used to be a stud dog, but has now retired from that after fathering many little beagles!

Seamus – is Marmalade’s other puppy, and litter-brother to Mousse. Seamus is classed as a puppy and this is his first Top Ten. Seamus belong to our “Hunt Mistress” and matriarch of the hunting club!

Snoopy-N is a rescue beagle! This is her first Top Ten appearance… She is “cousins” with Biff (in the family, not genetically) and falls in the Puppy category.

3 Responses to “ Learn more about the Gauteng 2013 TOP TEN! ”

  1. Peter says:

    Some corrections:

    Calleigh and Horatio are genetically half brother and sister, they have the same father. Horatio turned 3 in July this year so I think he should be a junior and not in the open category?

    Some additions:

    Calleigh placed 2nd last year in the top 10 behind Maya

  2. Tanya Tanya says:

    Peter, thanks for the additional info, I didn’t know they were related :0
    We have Horatio’s year of birth as 2009 – making him 4 – is that not right?

  3. Peter says:

    He was born 11 July 2010

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