TOP TEN hunt – Gauteng – 15 Sep 2013

As the sun started to rise on this beautiful “Spring” day the temperature already at 12°c the hunters and their supporters awaiting the final hunt.


The people gathered around the Hunt Master one last time this season, to have a small chat about how this morning’s line was going to go down, and who the judges of the dogs were going to be. The season was a close one and all feared we would have a close finish and the scoring of the dogs would be a difficult one.



Our top 10 contestants were extremely happy and rearing to go (and so were their owners)


From Left to Right we have:- Roger, Calleigh, Horatio, Harley, Seamus, Fonzi, Marmalade, Mousse, Snoopy N and Biff.

For the first time we used one of the off road motor cyclists to lay our line. Which was a nice change as he could go further up on the koppies then the quad bike could.


It was now time to prepare the line for the final exclusive hunt of the season


As the top 10 finalists made their way to the line on tight leads, I sensed an urgency that they were ready to go and knew the drill.



The hounds were scented, this time not by our usual scent master as his hound Fonzi was participating in it for the 3rd year in a row.


It was then time for the motorcyclists to ride off and drag the scent the hounds would follow to the end.




He then hopped on his motor bike that was about a few hundred meters from the line (so as to try keep the hunt as normal as possible for the beagles he parked his bike away from the line).



It took about 30 – 40 minutes to lay the line. And while he was doing that the top 10 beagles waited patiently at the line.



And some not so patiently



Meanwhile back at the parking lot all the supporters were relaxing and waiting for the hunt to begin




The Motor bike came in and ended the line



That meant it was now time to release the dogs. On Your Marks…



Get Set… GO!




I then waited quietly with the Judges at the finish line, eagerly waiting to see who will finish and who will come first. It was a good 20 minutes before we spotted our first dog coming round the base of the hill. And about 10 minutes later here he came, the first boy winner of the top 10 hunt in 4 years. FONZI


Who saw us and froze wondering what 4 people were doing hiding behind a mound of sand in the middle of the bush. He would also not be the only of the dogs to finish who would give us this look.

Next in – in a close 2nd and 3rd place – we had mommy and son, Marmalade and Mousse (Mousse was the first puppy across the finish line) who belong to our Hunt Master.


Coming in 4th we had rescue beagle puppy, Snoopy N, who like Fonzi was like “what are you people doing there”. Snoopy N was also the 2nd puppy to come in.


We then phoned back to the line as it had been a while and we could not see anyone else on the line. We were then told that Roger, Harley, Calleigh, Horatio and Biff came back. Roger and Harley hardly made it half way before calling it quits and Calleigh, Horatio and Biff called it quits after the last valley with just one koppie between them and the finish.

But that left Seamus, the 3rd puppy to make it to the top 10 and the last dog out there. It wasn’t long after the call when we saw him bouncing through the bush, with what seemed to be a smile on his face – he must’ve been very proud of himself – coming in in 5th place … I think he was chasing his mommy Marmalade, and brother Mousse the whole way!



And so the top 10 hunt came to an end but the morning had not. We all went back to the parking lot and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast made by our resident chefs from Schweet Emporium


And the dogs enjoyed their mid-morning snack and well deserved treat




HUGE HUGE congrats to all the 2013 TOP TEN, and especially to FONZI! Great job!

A side note on Fonzi – the first year he joined the pack, he wouldn’t hunt at all, he wasn’t interested… we are so glad that his dad persevered and kept coming back… just look at him now! How awesome!



THANK YOU so much to every single person who has contributed to the Gauteng season in any way – big or small… we would not be as successful and smooth running without all the help from everyone – it has been a fantastic year of howling and hunting, we’ve met loads of new friends, and had great times with old friends! It’s always sad when the season comes to an ebnd… but let’s enjoy sleeping in on Sundays and we’ll see you guys at Walkhaven once a month in summer… the first of which is Sunday 29 September, from about 2pm… Maybe Fonzi will be there to hand out some autographs!


See you all then!


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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if the top beagles around the country could challenge each other.

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