Western Cape Beagle Hunts

Hi Beaglers…


if you are interested in the beagle scent hunts in Western Cape, please sign up on https://sites.google.com/site/westerncapebeagles/


2014 Hunt info:

1.     Please can you all read the welcome letter carefully as we are making some changes this year.

2.     PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone can assist with any of the organizing, please let us know.  Every year it is left up to a handful of us to run the show and it becomes quite demanding with a list of 300plus beagles. A big thanks to the few people who have offered their assiatnce, we will be in touch.


Welcome letter


I have attached a copy of our welcome letter for all to read.

PDF below:

2014 Welcome Letter_WC



2014 fees


The cost this season will be as follows:

–        R200 per hound per season including jacket.  We have had jackets made which will be issued at the first run of the season.  Your hounds number (newly allocated numbers) will appear on the jacket.

–        R150 per hound if you wish to provide your own hounds jacket. We will just allocate you a number then.




The fees are to be paid CASH at Sundays run.  No payment, means no jackets = no run.


2013 Season results


1st Place – Ronald (#119) – 130 points

2nd Place – Merlot (#13) – 118 points

3rd place – Benjamin (#12) – 102 points


4th place – Merlot (#45) – 86 points

5th place – Jessie (#31) – 47 points

6th place – Vlekkie (#47) – 42 points


2014 Season dates


25th May

8th June

22nd June

6th July

20th July

3rd August

17th August

31st August

14th September

28th September

12th October

26th October (provisional)


Please let me know by NO LATER than Thursday lunchtime, should you want to attend this week’s run.


– Happy Beagling,


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  1. Deirdrie Grove says:

    Hi we would like to join you for the provisional date 26/10 pls send details as required.

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