Donations for Rustenburg SPCA

Hi All,


the Rustenburg SPCA is very desperate for help at the moment… due to all the mining strikes etc a lot of people are no longer able to care for their pets and are either abandoning them, or giving them to SPCA and the SPCA is struggling to cope.


If you would like to bring something, anything, to donate, Shelley (of Sally & Hobbes) will be collecting donations at the JHB hunt on Sunday and will be arranging a collection. Please, if you can spare anything… A bag or tin of dog food, and old blanket…Dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are all in need. Let’s try and fill up Shelley’s car on Sunday 😀


Or if you are unable to make the hunt and can make a cash donation:


Rustenburg SPCA
Cheque Account Number 53604095349
Branch Code 260246
Please use the ref: “Donation”
SPCA contact number (014) 592 3181

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  1. Shelley Wash says:

    Thank you all for the generous donations.

  2. Twfik says:

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  17. BobAgree with your sentiment, but this is the second major incident in the last couple of years in New Zealand where school kids have died on an outdoor course.I am all for adventure training as hiking off into the bush with a 50 pound pack is a New Zealand thing to do. But exposing school children to unmanageable risks is something else. Heavy seas are very unpredictable and I really do wonder what a group of school children were doing on the rock in a heavy swell.I feel for the parents – makes me appreciate how much my own parents must have worried about me when I was off in the bush and the hills.CheersGollum

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