Gauteng Know Your Beagle Day REVIEW & PICS

Know Your Beagle Day


Wow! – That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this special day.  It’s all mixed emotions for me.  I’m so relieved that this day is over but at the same time I wish it could have lasted longer.

When I first started to plan this day I thought to myself “Beudene, what are you getting yourself into?”

The overwhelming amount of “thank you’s” from everyone made it clear to me that the people really enjoyed the day and that all that stress was not for nothing.

I was just so relieved that I was able to send you all away with a jam packed goody bag and great prizes!

The months and months of planning which included finding a venue, finding knowledgeable speakers, finding sponsorship, finding prizes, advertising and the stress, was SO worth it in the end. I would gladly do such thing again – next time…bigger and better!!


I feel a little bit bad that I was not able to chat to everyone; I would have loved to get to know all of you a little better. But I had a million to do that day. But I’ll see you all at the beagle socials.


The venue was great, the food was fantastic and the people were wonderful.


The information shared on the day was so needed, for all of us.


Health & Nutrition – presented by Louis from Royal Canin

Highlighting the health risk of the breed a why Royal Canin breed specific food is the best option.


Responsible Breeding – presented by Audrey from Royal Canin

The shocking info that came out of this presentation is important as to WHY people must make 100% sure where they get their puppies from.


Socialization – present by Celia from Animal Behaviour Consultants

New beagle especially  owners benefited from this one.


Mind Stimulation – presented by Sam from Animal Behaviour Consultants

We ALL benefited from this one! There is so many things we can do to keep our hounds busy.


Training Methods – presented by Louise from Animal Behaviour Consultants

It is always good to know what is the best way to teach your dog.


Dog-Child Safety – presented by Tersha from Animal Behaviour Consultants

Parents, parents-to-be and any one working with children benefitted from this one.


Behaviour – presented by Julia from Animal Behaviour Consultants

Haha, we all enjoyed this one. Shame the poor English bulldogs & Poodles. But also so important to read your dog’s body languages.


Animal Testing – presented by Sonette from Dermalogica

It is good to know what company to support when it comes to products in your house hold.


First Aid – presented by Carolyn form MSD

Everyone needs to know what to do to save your dog’s life.


Beagle Rescue – presented by Hester from Beagle RAS

This was a very emotional topic, it got everyone’s attentions as to why Hester (and Garrick) are doing what they are doing. And with our help they can do it.


Here comes the “thank you’s” from me:


*First of all and the most important. The beagles! Haha. If it was not for them we all would not have been in this wonderful community. And they do not even know what they have created.


*Everyone that came to the day and supported it. If it was not for your interest it would not have been a success.


*My family that helped with the set up on the day. My mom, Robert, Monique & Mark– I’m sorry if I’ve put unnecessary stress on you 🙂


*Everyone else that helped me during my planning. But the one who stands out is Carolyn! If it was not for her referring me to people who I can contact I would not have had the amazing presenters on the day!

And then Michele – she planted the seed.


And now for my sponsors, THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you have given me. And remember to keep me in mind for your next sponsorship budget planning. *wink wink*


*Stone Cradle Restaurant            – Hiring the venue out for free


*Royal Canin                                          – Louis & Audrey offered to be presenters.

– They gave me the bags for the goodies.

– The Educ treats for the goody bags.

– The 50 bags of 3kg Beagle food which each person took home.


*The ABC Committee                        – Sponsored their knowledge for the day!


*Dermalogica                                        – Sonette offered to present.

– The skin care hamper as a prize.


*MSD Animal Health                         – Carolyn offered to present

– They gave the much needed pens and note pads


Holiday Resorts:

*Coral Tree Guest House             – 30 breakfast vouchers for the goody bags

*m’Kyaya-Teeny                                  – Pet friendly Holiday resort gave 3 nights free!

*Aafrika Amazing View                    – Pet friendly Holiday resort gave 3 nights free!

*Paws for Thought                              – Pet friendly Holiday resort gave 3 nights free!

*Cosy Cabins                                          – Pet friendly Holiday resort gave 2 nights free!

*Teddington Adventure Farm     – Pet friendly Holiday resort gave 2 nights free!

*King’s Lodge                                        – Pet friendly Holiday resort gave 50% off!

*St Francis E-scape                            – Pet friendly Holiday resort gave 50% off!

*Hib Escape Cabins                           – 20 – 30% off vouchers for the goody bags



*Kerry Booysen                                                      – Pet Photoshoot

*Chris Marsberg                                  – Pet Photoshoot

*Marlie Joubert                                                     – Pet Photoshoot

*Chantal Durmmond                        – Pet Photoshoot


Companies that do not test on animals:

*Paul Mitchell                                       – Hair Care Hamper – not testing on animals

– Shampoo & Conditioner samples for the goody bags


*Esse                                                           – Skin Care Hamper – not testing on animals

– Discount Voucher


*Dermalogica                                        – Skin Care Hamper – not testing on animals

– Samples for the goody bags


*Better Earth                                         – Samples for the goody bags


*Harmless House                               – 5x Dog Shampoo

– Discount for the goody bags

– Samples for the goody bags


*Faithful to Nature                            – Samples for the goody bags


* The Victorian Garden                   -Samples for the goody bags



*Hound Sleeper                                                     – Medium Bed

*Tailormade                                           – Large Bed


*Hound Hotel                                        – 2x One night free for your hound

*Daycare Dogz                                      – 3x 3 days of daycare for your hounds


*Petfriendly                                            – 12x Directory books

*SA Pet Pages                                        – Magazines for the goody bags


*Pet Lovers                                             – R300 voucher

– Goodies in the goody bags


*DogMa Bowls                                      – 5x sets of food and water bowls


*Happiness Is                                        – 2x Happy Hound stress free

– Discount Vouchers


*The Herbal Pet                                   – 5x products


*Regal Pet Health                               – 6x products


*Natura-vetmed                                  – 5x products


*Walkhaven Dog Park                      – Free membership

– Free entrance and R200 lunch voucher


*Billabone                                               – 8x products

*Hello Pooch                                          – 10x stickers

*Lipenga                                                   – 10x doggy jackets

*Rogz                                                           – 3 toys

*Petz Spoiled Rotten                        – 8x water bags

-10x Snacks bags


*Beagle Shop                                         – 3x Spoiled Beagle signs




Photos of the successful day:


Stalls: BeagleShop and Billabone…

Beagle Shop stall_1

Beagle Shop stall_2

Beagle Shop stall_3

Billabone Stall_1

Billabone Stall_2

Billabone Stall_3

Billabone Stall_4



the audience and speakers:

Louis from Royal Canin talking to Tammy

The audience_1

The audience_2

The audience_3

The audience_4




The venue:

Registration Table_1


The Tables



the lovely prizes so generously donated by the sponsors mentioned above:


Prize Table_1

Prize Table_2

Prize Table_3

Prize Table_4

Prize Table_5

Prize Table_6

Prize Table_7

Prize Table_8

Prize Table_9

Royal Canin 3kg Beagle Food

The Goody Bags

This is what everyone walked away with



Below are some THANK YOU messages from those who attended… It is safe to say that Beudene did an AMAZING JOB!!







































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