Order your calendars today!

The 2015 calendar photo competition is now closed and the calendar is being designed by our design sponsor, Snapping Turtle.


In the mean time, get your orders in – the calendar is going to be bigger and better than before, and at only R150 is very competitively priced for something so special. And profits go to Beagle Rescue & Adoption Support,


to order, please email beaglecalendarproject@gmail.com





orders open

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  1. Nur says:

    I am such an animal lover, asotlubely adore dogs and this sweet little pup of yours melts my heart. We do not have any pets now. Maybe one day again but not in the cards at the moment. I get my doggy fixes when I visit my friends. They all know they have a built-in babysitter when they go away and that I don’t mind muddy paws. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I’ve certainly enjoyed visiting here. You have a lovely blog.

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