Last chance to order 2015 Beagle Calendar

The 2015 calendar photo competition is now closed and the calendar is being designed by our design sponsor, Snapping Turtle.


This is your last chance to order, as orders close on FRIDAY! – the calendar is going to be bigger and better than before, and at only R150 is very competitively priced for something so special. And profits go to Beagle Rescue & Adoption Support,


to order, please email





orders open

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  1. Rosimeire says:

    Christy,Wow watch it’ll end up in traction the rate you are going. I hope you feel bteetr and have a blast at blissdom.When you get back can you do a full post on how it went for us newbies who really don’t understand the whole gist of it.It sounds like fun and I am jealous..ahhh maybe one year.Blow Harry Connick Jr a kiss for me.tammy

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    Even I am offended when our flag is treated like this but never enough to go killing people over it.And being a Christian I see and hear attacks on my faith every day. Of course not everyone is going to agree with me. Thank goodness my response is not violent.

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