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If you would like to adopt a beagle, please contact Sonja:

or 079 727 4797

Banking details:

Account Name: Beagle Rescue and Support
Branch Code: 251542
Account Number: 62623705417

234 Responses to “ ADOPT A BEAGLE ”

  1. Rami says:

    We would love to adopt immediately a male/female well trained Beagle of any age.
    Please contact me.

  2. Joline van Deventer says:

    Hi there, we would love to give a loving home to a beagle doggie. We have kids that would love him/her, with cuddles and lots of playtime. Please let me know if you have or know of one. We are in Randburg, Gauteng. My number 0832863804

  3. T ,Hand says:

    I am looking for a Beagle puppy to train from small
    Port Elizabeth

  4. Gailean says:

    Good evening looking to adopt a female beagle aged from 6 months to 2 years? Thanks Gailean

  5. Dianne Whiting says:

    I am looking to adopt a male beagle puppy. Thanks

  6. Robyn Young says:

    Hi, we’d love to adopt a beagle, ideally female, ideally between 6 months and two years but will consider other options. Thank you.

  7. Elmien Culbert says:

    hello. we have a female beagle, almost 5 years old. we would like to give her a more stimulating environment to include another beagle perhaps of the same age who wants to play, and a large area to roam and sniff. she is from Hungary, imported into Dubai, and we brought her over with 2 other dogs and a cat in 2016. please let me know if any interest. She is in good health.Thank you. regards

  8. Miranda says:

    We would love to adopt a male beagle puppy 6mo to 2years.
    My daughter is energetic and would give him loads of playtime
    please contact us if you have any

  9. Richard says:

    I have a Beagle male 1 year old up for adoption. His name is Toby.
    You can contact me if you are interested.

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