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If you would like to adopt a beagle, please contact Sonja:

or 079 727 4797

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120 Responses to “ ADOPT A BEAGLE ”

  1. Ute Swanepoel says:

    A brother and sister: beagle/basset cross yearlings looking for a home
    They are healthy, playful and loving and demand cuddling. They are brilliant with humans and other dogs. A smart and curios pair.
    They should not be re-homed with cats or other small animals. They don’t hurt them, but they do chase them.
    They were abandoned on a farm where we rescued and fostered them 2 weeks ago. They are now de-wormed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and the girl is spayed. In just a week they have come to love walking on a leash.
    A home where walks and children are in abundance is suggested. They do display some signs of anxiety resulting from a lonely puppy-hood and are therefore super-responsive to love.
    A home inspection by a certified animal behaviorist will be payed for by us before re-homing commences. They have a deeply symbiotic relationship with one another and can only be re-homed as a pair.
    Contact Ute: for photos, questions etc.

  2. Marvin Johnson says:

    Live in Cape a Town would love to adopt a beagle. For companionship on runs and hikes.

  3. Quinton Mollentze says:

    Looking to acquire a beagle as member to our family, be it a pup or via adoption. Moving to Pretoria in August / September 2017 and will have a nice big garden for our new pup to play in. Please if you have any beagle pups available or more information please kindly contact me on 0767085461

  4. Francois du Plessis says:

    Looking for a beagle pup. We live near Lydenburg on a farm. Lots of space to run and play.

  5. Nicolene van Wyk says:

    I am living in Clarens and looking for a beagle to accompany me on hiking trips and other outdoor activities like running etc. I have a big garden and would love to have a beagle of my own from the end of July 2017.

  6. Rene Joubert says:

    I am looking to adopt a friend for my Jack Russel. I think a beagle would be an ideal match for him. He is lonely after his doggie friend died.

  7. Marina says:

    We have a very gorgeous male beagle – he is 5 years old and as energetic as the day we got him. we have relocated to and our yard is not suited for him. Our work schedules have also ensured that walking him has become almost impossible. He adores children and other animals. His name is BONO.
    If you are interested in meeting with us or BONO, please contact us.

  8. Marina says:

    I have just sent a reply mail regarding BONO – 5 year old male beagle. But I had the email address wrong. It is

    Kind regards

  9. Aileen Borrajeiro says:

    My kids are looking for a loving pet. Hence we would love to adopt a beagle puppy if one is available.

    Kind regards

  10. Tracey says:

    Good Day….. My family is looking at adopting a beagle puppy. We will give our new beagle lots of love and attention as i have a son who loves beagles. We have a Dachshund who is very lovely and would love the interaction of another dog.

  11. We have a very gorgeous male beagle named Ciccho – he is 3 years old and is a warm and loving soul. We are URGENTLY looking for a good loving home for our boy, as we are relocated and our yard is not going to be big enough for him. He adores children and other dogs, but does not like cats! Ciccho is up to date with his injections, he is microchiped and has been neutered… he will steal your heart immediately as he did ours!
    If you are interested in adopting this lovely boy, please send me an email: or messages me on 0725681571

  12. Mari Dreyer says:

    I’m looking for a good home for my 5yr old female Beagle. My family situation has changed with my daughter and baby son moving in with me. Nikita (Beagle beauty) sheds too much hair, is lonely during the day and needs a home where she can get all the attention and love. As I am working full time and my daughter is busy with her baby, we do not get to give Nikita all the attention and exercise she needs. She is free for a good home, if I know that she will be happy and not traumatized.

  13. Marc Richardson says:

    Hi Mari

    Where are you situated? We would love to adopt Nikita

  14. Ruth van Schalkwyk says says:

    Hi Tracey,

    We have a Beagle male pup who is 7 months old.He is needing a friend and our space is not enough for him and a friend.If you are interested my number is 0836378287.

  15. Ruth van Schalkwyk says says:

    We have an adorable beagle pup called Codi. He is 7 months old, has had all his injections and has been neutered. He loves people and needs a bigger yard to play in. Unfortunately the person who is looking after him does not like dogs so he really needs a new home where he will be loved and cherished. If you are interested please contact me on 0836378287.

  16. Mari Dreyer says:

    We are in La Montagne, Pretoria East. Please send me an email to Nikita is chipped with a back home chip and has all her deworming etc. Thank you !

  17. Andrew Duncan says:

    I am looking for a home for Cassidy, our 3-year old Beagle (sadly, we have moved to a complex that does not allow pets).

    Cass is an active and playful thoroughbred. She loves children and other dogs, but has a tendency to chase cats :) She attended puppy school and is an obedient dog. She is in good health and has received all of her inoculations.
    We love our Cassy dearly and really want to find her a new family who will do the same. Please contact me on 082 336 1199 if you want to give her a home. I live in Randburg.

  18. Jeandre van Zyl says:

    Looking to adopt a female beagle. We Stay in George but will be in Cape Town for the first week in September.

    You can WhatsApp me on 074 3277004

  19. Kathleen says:

    Hi! We are looking to adopt a male beagle pup. We live in Ballito and would love a little boy to come join us and our GS cross Ridgeback adopted girl on our daily beach walks. Please email me at Thank You!????

  20. Claudia says:

    Hi everyone.

    We are looking to ad a beagle puppy to our loving & caring home. My daughters love dogs and would smother him/her with affection. We are living in Cape Town.

    Thank you

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