Pups for sale – Cape Town

*NOTE:* beagles are high maintenance dogs. They need constant attention and lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Training is essential for puppies! They are easily bored, and WILL bark and howl and disturb your neighbours. They WILL dig up your garden and chew your plants/shoes/kreepy-krawly/clothes/sprinkler system/everything they see ESPECIALLY if they are bored. PLEASE remember these factors when purchasing a puppy!! Beagles are pack animals and NEED to be part of your family. A beagle living outside, alone is a recipe for disaster.*

Please so some reading and research into the breed if you have not had a beagle before.Dog Breed Info has some valuable info as well as Wikipedia. You may find some interesting info on Burke’s Backyard too. **



Puppies available in Cape Town – ready to go to new homes at  8 weeks old.

Two litters available both from responsible breeders:

Litter one now 8 weeks old (see photos) – 1 girl 1 boy still available

Litter two now 5 weeks old – 1 girl & 2 boys available.

Please note pups are only sold to suitable parents after interview.

Contact Maxine by email: maxine@webafrica.org.za for questionnaire or phone on 082 4190090 for a discussion.

*please contact Maxine directly rather than leaving a comment on this post*
Maxine van den Berg

KUSA Accredited Beagle Breeder
Beagle Adoption Service
Animal Behaviourist (Ethology Academy)


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12 Responses to “ Pups for sale – Cape Town ”

  1. Doreen says:

    Are your beagles puppies still available

  2. Mia rebula says:

    hi, are you beagle puppies still available ?

  3. Janet says:

    Adopt don’t buy! There are so many amazing animals already needing a warm and loving home!

  4. Yvette says:

    Hi please let me know when you have a litter again. I want a new baby in our family.

  5. Chantelle says:

    Hi there, when will you have puppies available again? We are very interested in two female puppies. If not, do you know of any other breeders in the Cape Town region?

  6. Lourens Esterhuyse says:

    Hi there, can you please advise when you will have beagles available, as I would like to buy two boys. At what price are you selling, for me to budget when available. Regards.

  7. elsabe says:

    is daar nog puppies

  8. Jowelita says:

    If the Mom was use to you it would be fine from day one to handle them you need to weigh them every day to be sure they are ganniig you have to handle them to clean the Moms bedding but in your case you will need to get the Mom to trust you first or she might bite your hand as you reach for the babies you will need to watch and make sure you see each one eating keep the room warm that they will be in if she is not the only dog you have make her a nursery in a room away from other animals feed the Mom puppy food

  9. Mrr says:

    5 times I’ve visadited, always exceladlent, frdniely staff and seradvice. Boneadless chicken.… to die for! Am at hootaders, john, manadager, always frdniely, lalie, retha and other regaduadlars always have a smile and good cheer. I am sinadcerely impressed. Thank you! Stan thea0Man

  10. Melanie says:

    We are urgently looking for a Beagle puppy. Do you know any other breeders in Cape Town?

  11. Karien says:

    Hi, we are looking for a beagle puppy to join our family. Could you advise where we could get one in the Western Cape. Preferrably CT.

  12. monique vermaak says:

    hi there do you still have puppies available, my number is 0603670133 Kind Regards. Monique

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