ADOPTION: 4 year old beagle pair

*NOTE:* beagles are high maintenance dogs. They need constant attention and lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Training is essential for puppies! They are easily bored, and WILL bark and howl and disturb your neighbours. They WILL dig up your garden and chew your plants/shoes/kreepy-krawly/clothes/sprinkler system/everything they see ESPECIALLY if they are bored. PLEASE remember these factors when purchasing a puppy!! Beagles are pack animals and NEED to be part of your family. A beagle living outside, alone is a recipe for disaster.*

Please so some reading and research into the breed if you have not had a beagle before.Dog Breed Info has some valuable info as well as Wikipedia. You may find some interesting info on Burke’s Backyard too. **

beulah tango

We are looking for a home.

4 years old.

Brother and sister pair. – Tango & Beulah

Being fostered at the Beagle BnB in Cape Town but can travel within SA if the perfect home is found.

Very sociable, great with other dogs, house trained, I am yet to hear them bark. Both are cuddly darlings with Beulah having a bit more of a “Beagle streak” in her by means of behaviour and can be prone to counter surfing (though she has not done it here).

An adoption fee and home checks apply as well as completing an adoption application form – transport costs may apply if they are rehomed outside of CPT




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3 Responses to “ ADOPTION: 4 year old beagle pair ”

  1. Elizabeth Reid says:

    I went to see them and they are gorgeous and they are mine that’s if we pass all the tests .. cant wait Bye bye creepy crawly, nice neat garden edges, fluffy toys , hosepipes But I am sure they are worth it .. will let you know how they get on with THE CAT !!!

  2. Elizabeth Reid says:

    Hound twins arrived safely Paddy dog accepted them and the Cat…… well they ignored it so he gave up the idea of a good spit and scratch They have taken over and seem very happy and settled Now to try to take them walkies Bit wet and rainy today but will try tomorrow.


    the beagles Twins have taken over … go for daily walks No garden left, No wooden fence into veggie patch left … not many veggies. BUT we love them to bits. The one sleeps in a corner in our bedroom the other on the pillow next to husbands head … Paddy our Wannabeagle keeps them in check or tries to And the Cat is friends even when they decide he needs chasing ( well there are no foxes so this is second best )

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